Day 22 #100days of writing try 2

Worked from home today since it was raining heavily and felt tired after yesterday's travel. And I was atleast twice as productive as working in office.

ground out the day from 9 to 5 with just one lunch break and that is it.

Walked for 2 kms while listening to "Sapiens" audio book. Came across a cool concept called "Types of Chaos"

Type 1 Chaos system is the one where the prediction of the event does not have any effect on the system itself. Example is weather prediction meaning irrespective of the prediction we make weather is controlled by just the finite contributing forces.

Type 2 Chaotic system us the one where the prediction of the outcome will have the effect of the system contributing to the actual outcome. Examples are Markets and Political systems where the very prediction of one outcome will affect the actual outcome itself. Example if the predicted price of oil tomorrow is very high than what it is today then people would buy more which will make the predicted price to be hit today rather than tomorrow.

Interesting isn't it.

And watched Gully boy movie and learnt little bit of Ocaml.

What am I grateful today: I am grateful for spending time with my kids and avoid a very long travel and enjoy the rain from the comfort of my home.


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