Day 23 #100days of writing try 2

My productive day continues. Had all the professional goals for today completed. Learning goals not so much just learned some java and read an article on HBR.

Solved a long standing customer issue for a client with over 3 hours in a call.

Read in HBR about how to build a resilient team.

The key take away is that for a successful organisation its just not enough for individuals to be resilient to the adversities. Leaders should make sure that they build a team with

  • Candor
  • care for each other
  • knowing each ones strength and weakness
  • good debrief/retrospective after a setback
  • free thinkers and freedom to express innovative ideas without being ridiculed.

That is all I learned today.

What am I grateful for today: I thank the almighty for giving me financial strength to donate to floods in Assam and Bihar in India.


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