Day 14 #100days of writing try 2

One most important thing I learned today reading atomic habits is that "Whenever you decide to start a habit start small and add in smal increments. Use a two minute rule. If you want to run a Marathon. Decide to put on running shoes daily in the morning. The small habit would make it easy to do daily and then you can improve on it. Standardise before you optimize."

That makes perfect sense. And thinking about the 100 day writing challenge. I see that deciding to write like opening the Standard notes and keying in the few words daily is the ritual. There is no set target other than that. Once this becomes automatic then it is easy to write 500 words then 1000 words then 5000 words and then a book. 

Don't start a habit of writing a book or 1000 words a day. Start with the habit of writing something each day.

This applies for everything. And whats good about this is you can use the converse of this to remove bad habits. Make the bad habits difficult to do. Uninstall the apps that suck you time and steal you family time. 

Also logged into good reads today and saw about 115 want to read books and its been like that for the past 6 months. Other than the audio books I listen during my commute to office I didn't really read for 6 months and good that I picked up atomic habits. 

It is definitely making the difference. The one thing I am grateful about today is that the Almighty has given me time and environment to read and progress in the betterment of my quality of life.

Goodnight. Cheers. 

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