Welcome to my stream of consciousness blog. I am a old-school Linux user and general techophile who has worked professionally as a DevOps/Platform/Site Reliability Engineer for the last 15 years. My opinions are my own.

Forcing renewal of a cert in cert-manager

Had an issue with our DNS API key which blocked some certificates from renewing. I rotated the key but didn't know how long I would have to wait until it tried again. Found out that there is a command-line application for cert-manager where you can force an immediate update. First install the tool cmctl. On my work Mac I just used brew: brew install cmctl Then switch to the correct namespace where the certificate lives and run the tool: $ kns some-name-space $ k get certificates NAME ...
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Overture PETG on a P1S

I was having some serious issues printing Overture PETG on my Bambu P1S. Lots of blobbing and stringing. I ended up doing a bunch of calibration tests in Orca Slicer and came up with dropping the temperature and increasing the flow rate. From the default "Generic PETG" change the following: Print Temperature First Layer -> 225C Print Temperature Other Layers -> 225C Flow Ratio -> 1.045 Bed Temperature -> 80C With those settings I am getting near perfect prints like I do with PLA...
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tofu/terraform fmt in vim

I like to mainly work in Vim instead of a full blown editor like VSCode. One thing I missed was a plugin that would automatically run tofu fmt (or terraform fmt) on files when you saved them. I added this to my ~/.vimrc which does the same thing now. Anytime a file with either *.tf or *.tfvars is saved in the buffer a tofu fmt is run on it first. " run tofu fmt everytime you save a file autocmd BufWritePost *.tf :silent !tofu fmt % autocmd BufWritePost *.tfvars :silent !tofu fmt % ...
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Don't edit tags in Plex

Don't edit your tags in Plex. I've found it to be a super unhelpful experience that never really works properly. Instead I've been using various metaflac commands to edit my FLAC collection. First list the current tags: ❯ metaflac --list 01\ -\ Fokus\ -\ Like\ Dat.flac METADATA block #0 ... METADATA block #2 type: 4 (VORBIS_COMMENT) is last: false length: 214 vendor string: reference libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917 comments: 9 comment[0]: ARTIST=Fokus comment[1]: TITLE=Like Dat c...
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