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Adventures in the court of Camellia Sinensis

Oriental Beauty

Original description:東方美人茶1 Description on Teapedia: Cultivar: Qing Xin Da Mao Terroir: Beipu, Hsinchu County, Taiwan Price per kg: NT$16000 (2100 PLN) General info Dongfang meiren (Chinese: 東方美人; literally: 'eastern beauty'), also known as "oriental beauty", "white-tip oolong" and "champagne oolong" is a heavily oxidized, non-roasted, tip-type oolong tea originating in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. It is an insect tea produce...
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Certified Organic "Emperor's Yellow" Yunnan Yellow Tea

Original description: Description on Steepster: Cultivar: 50% Yunkang #10, 50% Xue Ya #100 Terroir: Ma Wei Mountain, Yunnan, China Price per kg: 260 USD (1000 PLN) General info Yellow tea is an increasingly rare and expensive variety of tea. The process for making yellow tea is ...
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Gyokuro Asahi

Original description: Description on Teapedia: ("Jade Dew") Cultivar: Asahi Terroir: Uji, Kyoto, Japan Price per kg: 230 EUR (980 PLN) General info Although some sources claim that shaded growing was practiced as early as the beginning of the 17th century, the first Gyokuro tea was officially produced during Edo period (1603-1868) in ...
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Phoenix Honey Orchid

Original description: Cultivar on Teapedia: ("Honey Orchid Aroma") Terroir: Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong, China Price per kg: 260 GBP (1300 PLN) General info Originating from one of the main four tea growing regions of China, the southern province of Guangdong is renowned for its mountain terrain, mineral-rich rocky soil composition, hot climatic conditions and most importantly the unique 600-year-old cultivars. ...
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Ali Shan Jin Xuan

Original description: Cultivar on Teapedia: ("Golden Daylily") Terroir: Alishan mountains, Taiwan Price per kg: 400 EUR (1700 PLN) General info The leaves of Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong Tea are grown in the famous Ah-Li Mountains in Taiwan. At the elevation of 950 to 1000 meters, the mountainsides are covered with fog or clouds which are ideal for growing Oolong. Jin Xuan (Chinese: 金萱; lite...
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