Phoenix Honey Orchid

Original description:
Cultivar on Teapedia: ("Honey Orchid Aroma")
Terroir: Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong, China
Price per kg: 260 GBP (1300 PLN)

General info

Originating from one of the main four tea growing regions of China, the southern province of Guangdong is renowned for its mountain terrain, mineral-rich rocky soil composition, hot climatic conditions and most importantly the unique 600-year-old cultivars. All of these factors contribute to this tea’s naturally honey like sweetness and velvety smooth floral notes of orchid.

The legend of Phoenix Mountain comes from the end of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). In this legend, a young Song Dynasty emperor and his officers were being chased by Mongolians attacking from the north. They were forced to travel for a long time and pass by this mountain range. The emperor was very thirsty, but had no water to drink. A phoenix flew over the emperor and dropped tea leaves and seeds in his hands. His servant instructed him to chew the leaves to stop his dehydration. The emperor ate the leaves and was refreshed. Believing that the eat leaves were a treasure from the gods sent by a legendary phoenix bird, they decided to name the region Phoenix Mountain in honor of the story involving this legendary bird.

"Our Phoenix Honey Orchid oolong tea from China's Guangdong Province is a seductive shade of orange blossom; with complex notes of orange, vanilla and honey. This oolong tea's fruity, honeyed flavour produced from elegantly long, twisted leaves is accentuated when pairing with savoury asian dishes like fried dim sum or fish with chilli and herbs. One of our most complex oolongs and yet wonderfully accessible - sure to convert all to the darker side of oolong teas"


Yixing teapot, traditional Gongfu Cha ceremony.
Temperature: 190°F (88°C)
Amount of tea: 1/3 of the teapot
Time: 30/30/40/50/50s

Personal notes

Generous amber color, mercurial taste developing from floral and fruity/citrusy aromas to slightly honey and caramel, dark chocolate and finally walnut with long and pleasant finish and a touch of astringency.

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