New Pi 4

I finally got around to getting a Raspberry Pi 4 --- I figured upgrading my NAS/Plex server from a Pi 3 was a valid reason. I grabbed the 4GB version, along with a green, aluminum heat-sink case from pimoroni:

green case

Setting it up as a drop in replacement went smoothly enough. I wrote a new micro-SD card with the latest Raspbian, booted, logged in with ssh, configured and updated Raspbian and then installed:

  • OMV - configured with the same NFS shares as before on the existing 5TB USB-3 drive.
  • Plex media server - pointing to the existing media libraries.
  • rclone - manage your cloud(s) storage
  • darcs - well, somebody has to use it ... and I like it.
  • and some additional scripts from the Pi 3

A bit of housecleaning and key management around the network and everything is as it was ... and some things are faster.

Now, what to do with the old Pi 3?


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