SN Nimble Editor

Because a person can only binge-watch The Expanse, all the Stargate shows, DS9, and the BSG remake so many times during any given pandemic, I've also been doing some minor tweaks on a fork of Maxime Lapointe's Indent Editor for Standard Notes.
The tweaks thus far:

  1. Markdown (atx-style) headings get a bit of color utilizing the --sn-stylekit-info-color of the current theme (I've only tested this with the Slate Theme and the Gruvbox Dark Theme).
  2. Blank lines adjusted up from the 0.4em of the Indent Editor to 0.6em.
  3. Code blocks in Indent Editor don't allow for a language name following the opening three backticks, which is inconvenient if you are writing/storing snippets of code intended for markdown processing later ... this version allows for a language name (or any non-space sequence actually) to immediately follow the opening backticks.
  4. Enumerated list entry: when entering an enum list (with integers only), hitting enter begins the next item with indentation preserved and an auto-incremented integer. Note that any subsequent moving, deleting, mid-list additions, etc will not result in any re-numbering of the list.

Should anyone be interested in yet another plain text editor for Standard Notes, this is running on netlify and the install link for SN is:, and for extra fun, the source is available as a darcs repository (I know, right?) at sn-nimble-editor. Enjoy.


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