Note to Auburn President and AD

Good evening,

I am writing to you as a deeply concerned Auburn alum. Like so many others of the Auburn family, I am incredulous that Hugh Freeze would be considered as the next head football coach of Auburn University. I am dumbfounded that in the year 2022 a university would consider hiring a sexual predator in any capacity. From his days at Briarcrest Christian in Memphis to his current tenure at Liberty, Freeze has a habitual record of sexual harrassment of minors, lewd and inappropriate behavior toward female students and staff members, and bullying and intimidating victims of rape. His entire career is a pattern of predatory, unethical, and deeply immoral behavior.

I know this information is not new to any of you, which makes his candidacy all the more disturbing. Auburn University prides itself on the Auburn Creed. The Auburn Creed is the embodiment of what every Auburn man and woman should aspire to be. The Creed is proudly displayed all across our campus and is one of the unique traditions that makes Auburn such a special place. Hugh Freeze is antithetical to everything the Auburn Creed represents. Hiring Hugh Freeze would show that Auburn, much like Freeze himself, preaches one thing but practices the exact opposite. If you go ahead with this shameful hire you might as well remove all displays of the Creed from campus.

Recent events of sexual abuse that have transpired at Penn State, Baylor, Michigan State, and Liberty are lessons that we should learn from. Hiring Hugh Freeze would send the message loud and clear that Auburn doesn't care about human decency nor the safety of its students. As leaders of Auburn, you have a duty and an obligation to serve ethically and protect the reputation of our university. I implore you to do the right thing and not pursue Hugh Freeze because I believe in Auburn and love it.


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