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Your posts are inspiring. Hope you have the best of luck!

Hey there, I'm a 22 year old half linux geek, half Woody Allen-loving hipster from Greece. Your posts intrigue me. Wish you well.

Hope you won't break the chain this time, Jay :-). Yann

Hello! I've been a subscriber for a few weeks now and enjoy your posts. I also strive to follow Stoic teachings and minimalism, work in the IT industry and, reading between the lines, roughly your age. Lots in common :-) After a redundancy I went freelance for a while (redundancy rapidly expedited my existing plans for it!) and enjoyed it thoroughly, but ultimately accepted an unexpected job offer at an employer that really values my work and pays me to pursue my interests to better the company. I went into that interview having researched the hell out of the company, its market and competitors, and laid out a vision and action plan to make a difference to their bottom line, which aligned to the type of work I enjoy. Had I not got the job I’d still be freelancing. They liked my approach and I’m still there - and I don’t have the worry about keeping my pipeline full of new consulting opportunities, nor cash flow (which was the only thing I didn’t like about freelancing). Just passing this on to anyone that happens to be reading - you don’t necessarily have to tick all the boxes in a job advert to be employed at that company - you just need to show how you can deliver value, and how you would go about it. Keep up the blog posts, and I genuinely wish you all the best in your endeavours. Being a middle-aged Techie in this era of fast-paced technology change is an interesting place to be. We have to keep up to date, stay relevant, and also have a duty to pass on our knowledge to the younger generations in a way that resonates with them.

Not sure why you think you need to complete a course to write well. Your posts are great! You lay out a premise and discuss it honestly and openly. That’s what us normal people relate to. Keep doing that. We don’t care if you have a certificate. You’ve probably read this already but, if not, I recommend “War of Art” by Steven Presfield - it’s a big kick in the pants to just get started. I read all your posts, and enjoy your writing. I really appreciate your work.

Was it tuta note email by any chance? If not can you share what you use, I'm trying to escape gmail and failing miserably

Well written - keep it up :)

Hi Jay, Just found your blog today. Thanks for sharing it with the world. I'm also in IT and enjoy your writing. Hope you have a great week!

Though the post is a few months old now, it looks like you got what you were looking for. Hopefully things are still going well!

Happy Father's Day. I lost my dad this year as well. Thanks for your open and honest post.