Uses This - 2018

Let it be known, I am a huge fan of Uses This.

Basically, the site asks questions to writers, developer, filmmakers, and other creative types on their hardware setup, software setup, and dream setup.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be cool enough to be on the site, but I love the concept so much I thought I would repeat it.

What hardware do you use?

Longtime windows user turned macbook user. Being in web development it became inevitable that I would make the switch.

I use a 2017 Macbook Pro 13" w/ 256 GB memory and 8 GB ram. It works wonderfully for all but the hardest of tasks, which I don't perform often in personal projects.

At work, I have a more powerful Dell Precision 5520 with 512 GB memory and 32 GB Ram. This thing is a workhouse and chews through everything I give it. I don't think I will ever be without a windows machine and if I were to leave my job I would probably have to buy one for myself.

I use a Logitech Trackball and I want the new one very badly.

For my keyboard, I have Logitech K380. This works wonderfully when all my devices are bluetooth. And it's portable!

And what software?

Here's a list!

  • Standard Notes For personal notes and blog posts
  • Onenote For work/project notes
  • Slack Not tied to it, but every team I've been on has it.
  • Visual Studio Code for both my machines, I love it so much that I use it for all text editing if I can. Markdown is my jam.

What would be your dream setup?

I nearly have it! I would probably have a maxed out macbook pro and an uber-powerful windows machine to run deep-learning things on. Most of my upgrades would be in the desk and monitor. I would want one of those fancy desks that have a motor to turn into a standing desk, and an ultrawide monitor.

... Maybe a bigger bookshelf.

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