Stepping out from the portal, We The Bois found themselves dizzy and disorientated in an unfamiliar realm. A booming voice shakes the party back into reality; the demonic master of the realm was displeased by the party's trespass. Demonic elementals apparated in front of the party filled and the party drew their arms ready for confrontation. An earth elemental was backed up by two fire elementals ahead of them, guarding a foggy route that led further into the planes.

Well seasoned from their previous battle experience, the party knew what to do. Vin rushed to the right, enabling Xin to surprise the earth elemental's exposed flank. Ais and Jeff teamed up to finish off the left. In quick succession, the elementals were cleared, and Xin walked through the fog to reveal a plane brimming with reinforcements.

Vin stepped forward to finish one of the hostile earth elemental. However, the act drew the attention of the elementals. Viewing Vin as a major threat, the 3 remaining elementals closed in to neutralise the vermling. Two evasive manoeuvre by Vin exhausted it, and the third hit left Vin in critical health. Chugging a stamina potion, Vin retreated to recover.

Jeff carried out some rudimentary healing to the wounded Vin, and confronted the remaining elementals with Ais. Jeff readies his flamethrower and swept the area, softening the three grouped up elementals. Ais followed up with an icy blast, finishing off the elementals.

Xin heads forwad to scout ahead, and faces down 2 earth elementals and 2 fire elementals. He takes down an isolated earth elemental, but the remaining hostiles soon grouped up too closely for Xin to engage them in isolation. The remaining party moved forward to support him. Jeff and Ais each took turn to heal the wounded vermling hobbling ahead.

Recovered from the injuries, Vin stepped in to switch with Xin. Vin's first strike finishes off an earth elemental Xin engaged earlier. A second hit on the adjacent fire elemental caught it off guard, finishing the elemental in a single hit. Nevetheless, the heavy toil of battle wears Vin down, and it collapses in over-exertion.

Faced with the urgency to secure the area quickly, Ais took aim at the final elemental with his trusty crossbow. The shot landed true, enabling the party to clear the area of hostiles. We The Bois had cleared the Planes, but barely.

The demonic voice boomed again, impressed by the party's abilities. He offers the party a quest to retrieve an artifact for him, or face his immediate wrath.

Considering the party's ragged state and Vin's exhaustion, the party decided to take up the voice's offer. The party headed back to Gloomhaven for resupply.

Returning back to town, We The Bois returned to their notorious theiving ways, pickpocketing townsmen of their gold. Using the gold stashed away, the party members splurged on the Gloomhaven store, expecting even harder battles ahead.

Unwilling to aid the demons, the party decided to seek the power of the artifact from the Temple of Elements as a means to confront the demonic overlord.

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