Solarized Light for Standard Notes

After a solid weekend of hiking, working out, and figuring out some tough SQL queries, I needed something else to spend my Presidents Day focused on.

I stumbled across Standard Notes on Product Hunt last week -- it's a simple notes app -- when I was hunting for something completely crossplatform (I use Windows at home, MacOS at work & Android on the go) and really lightweight.

I liked all its features and had no problem with the $28/yr cost, but there was one snare I couldn't shake off: I wasn't digging the look.

After hitting up the developer on Twitter to see if there were plans for a Solarized Light theme and finding out there wasn't, I cloned my first GitHub repository and set out to hack some CSS.

I'm really happy with the final result.

If you found this note and want to install it yourself, just go to the Extensions menu in Standard Notes (desktop), click Import Extension and drop in this url: