How to be productive

Hello there!

I will talk about productivity today.
What is productivity? It's a big question to think about.
We have to be productive all the time?
The idea for productivity it's very foggy to me, it's so much about the society and the capitalism, mainly Neo-liberalism that enforces the employees to be always more productive without thinking in your health, only on profit.
Even in a pandemic, We have to be productive no matter what happen in our life.
What is more important? Your life or the company? Clearly our life, please!
We have only one life, I intend to spend this time with my family and friends, doing things that I love. This don't tell nothing about my skills on my job or I don't do my job correctly. I'm a developer, but my profession does not defines my life.
In my time at work, I do my best to deliver the features and improve the product that customers use.

I use some tools to help to manage my time.
One of those is Clockwise.

From the page We have this information about what Clockwise are.

The smart calendar assistant that makes your calendar work for you.
Clockwise is the smart calendar extension that frees up your time so you can focus on what matters.

Clockwise brings together a powerful optimization engine with a personal calendar assistant to make your work life run smoothly.

đź—“Clockwise automatically moves your meetings in order to optimize your calendar and free up Focus Time for you and your team. Level-up your time management with Clockwise.

Clockwise creates more time for you to get things done through:

  • Blocks of uninterrupted time to help you focus on what matters.
  • Automatic scheduling conflict resolution to cut your busywork.
  • Work and meeting hours preferences for a schedule that works for you.

I configure my focus time on Clockwise to be 40 hours / week. It's impossible, but Clockwise try to force to have the more focus hours I can. And they really help to keep your agenda tidy.

A technique I use sometimes, depend on which task I doing, it's pomodoro. It's basically to force you to focus and break the focus time in specific time slots.
I use an app on my android to do that called Pomodoro. They allow to customize how much time you spend in your sessions and day goals. It's very nice this tool, because you have limited time to focus in your task, and after 25 minutes, the app rings an alarm to you pause 5 minutes and rest some time. After some sessions the pause break is long, about 15 minutes to rest, everything are possible to customize, that is really cool.

I think it's that for now, and don't forget to rest and relax when weekend comes. Don't push yourself so hard, this is nonproductive.