I've never met a hater who was doing better than me.

I was thinking about how when you're progressing in life and bettering yourself, everyone has an opinion about how you should or shouldn't live, but when you're not progressing, nobody is there to remind you that you're not doing shit. You need to be the one to say, fuck every single person on this planet, I'm going to do what I want to do. I heard someone say the other day "I've never met a hater who was doing better than me." I'm really starting to understand what that means. I've had strangers on the internet offer me unsolicited advice and comments on my progress pertaining to cutting out drinking, my diet, the art I create, my workout routine, etc, but they're the ones who really aren't doing shit. I'm leveling up in life [physically, mentally, spiritually], and no one except people who aren't progressing in their own life have something to say about it. If someone offers advice on something you don't need advice on, it means you're doing something right in your life.

Also, the gym was extra busy today. If you're not using equipment, please put it back. Half the time the people who were sitting on the bench were on their phone, had to wait like 45 minutes to work on chest. UWU please learn simple gym etiquette.

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