Preparing for a new version of you is just like barbell back squats.

When you're doing a barbell back squat and you adjust your feet and brace your core right before you pick up the bar, it can affect how the entire lift goes. If you pick it up the wrong way, you could either drop the bar or perform poorly. I was thinking about that while doing my night time routine and how it's parallel to a lot of other things we do in life. If we don't prepare for the big moment, the big moment won't actually happen. If I don't drink my tea, have my magnesium and melatonin, I won't have the best sleep I could have (the optimal sleep being the "big moment"). If I don't eat right, I will seem like a bitter person to other people. If I don't prepare myself in those ways in order to create an artwork, which is what I do for work, then how can I expect myself to make artwork worth looking at. How can I expect to look different, feel different, create different - become someone different, if I'm not prepared for a new version of reality that requires different demands than the current version. It's just like a squat.

Anyways, besides that today was leg day, an average feeling day. I could've done better, but at least it happened. Went down to the Castro in SF to get a chocolate shake before bed. Since I started working out ~6 months ago, my diet changed dramatically towards all whole foods, so I started getting a shake every Saturday to stay sane. Eating a diet mostly free of processing is an amazing feeling, not just mentally but physiologically. I wake up excited to eat, and I was never this excited to eat when I ate like shit. Nutrient density is a real thing that physically changes how you perceive the world and yourself. I want to be like a fuckin warrior of the world for lack of a better phrase. On my samurai Yukio Mishima character arc.

Time for bed now, nighty night.
(づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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