Don't tell anyone what you're planning to do.

Don't tell anyone what you're planning to do. Time and time again I've told people what I was planning or what I was trying to accomplish, and the thing ended up falling through. Whenever I didn't tell anyone and just did the thing, it happened flawlessly. There is probably a psychological reason behind this, but I'd like to think it's some spiritual force that other people don't want you succeeding.

Everyone wants what is best for them and they don't really care that you see through with succeeding - it's only when you actually succeed does anyone act happy for you. Pay attention to who was around cheering for you (which might only be yourself most of the time) when you were doing the hard and disciplined things that nobody wants to do. Those authentic people are much different than the ones who magically show up when you made it to the finish line. Those people who would magically show up to congratulate you on your win, are the same people who want you to fail when you haven't reached the finish line yet. How would they know what they want you to fail at if they don't even know what you’re working on? Don't tell people what you're doing. Just do, and then announce you did the shit.

Also a piece of art I just finished today.


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