Unfucking the programming of your life

If people aren’t on their phone scrolling socials, they have to be listening to music. If they’re not listening to music, they have to be in a conversation with someone. If they’re not in a conversation, they have to be occupied shuffling around multitasking while accomplishing nothing. If they’re not shuffling around, they have to be worried about what new video games are coming out, when the club is going to be busy, out shopping, planning brunch.

Most people can’t be bothered to stop and be alone with their own thoughts without an intervention from a distraction. It takes on average 23 minutes for your brain to refocus from a distraction. When you sit alone, you should be reflecting on 1) the state of your life, 2) what your goals are - if you don't have any then get some, 3) what you're currently doing that prevents you from attaining those goals, and 4) what you're going to replace those shitty habits with. However, people are creatures of habit, so #4 is probably the most important one because you can do all the reflecting and bad-habit-reduction you want, if you're not replacing those habits with actions that fulfill (a) path to your goals, then you will have many empty slots in your day just waiting to be taken up by your previous habits, and you will ultimately fail in changing.

Here are some habits I currently have that make my life a whole lot better:

  • No drinking
  • Go to the gym and lift weights. Pick a routine and stick to it, consistency is king here.
  • Shower in the morning, after your workout at the gym, and at night. That's 3 times a day; clean body = clean mind.
  • Organize your environment by cleaning your room when wake up and making your bed, takes 2 minutes. If you do this every day, it's not a chore.
  • Morning supplementation: multivitamin + 5g creatine + 1 tbsp honey for shot of antioxidants + glass of water + cup of coffee
  • 50 pushups every morning. It (can) aid in chest growth, but I mainly do it to kickstart the day because it's something I don't want to do. Doing things you don't want to do grow the anterior mid-cingulate cortex, a network hub in the brain that performs the cost/benefit computations necessary for tenacity. In short, the more hard things you do, the easier those specific harder things get. When those specific hard things become easier, you actually need to keep adding different harder things for this part of the brain to grow, just like a muscle - source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7381101
  • Cook all your own food, this isn't even optional, and keep it unprocessed or minimally processed. When you eat out, you're eating things that are designed to keep you addicted to them. When you cook your own food, you start to realize how shitty you've felt this entire time.
  • Before you go to bed: stretch your body out, pull out your outfit for the next day, take a melatonin and magnesium glycinate 30 minutes before bed. This form of magnesium relaxes your muscles.
  • Write your thoughts to a journal, like I'm doing right now. If you don't write it down, it will disappear, trust.

This is an ongoing list and there are probably things I missed or could be better at, and you should come up with your own routine that works for you. Just don't forget to actually quit doing the things that are holding you back, because when you add good things to your life while keeping other bad things, it's like adding an additional salad to your day thinking it will make you healthier while ignoring the fact that the rest of your diet is shit and you're addicted to that white mocha from starbucks and don't do any cardio to support your heart health. Doing good doesn't compensate for bad. Start sitting alone in your room without distractions, and it will become infinitely easier to face your reality. Change starts with facing reality; and don't lie to yourself, sugar coat shit and justify why you need to keep doing the bad things saying "well I'm already doing better than so-and-so", you already know what they are I don't need to tell you. You're not in a competition with anyone but yourself.

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