People love to harvest your energy

Today while walking down the streets of Castro San Francisco, the gayest of all places, a group of (fatass) construction workers in a truck were driving slowly and looked me up and down, called me a faggot and drove away. I was wearing semi-short shorts leaving the gym (where's my skinny fit squad, sign that guestbook lmfao) so it eventually was bound to happen, even in SF. I was angry in the first 5 minutes after that, and then I thought to myself - I've been in this situation before so many times, I grew up in Missouri, this isn't new. However, these men went out of their way in order to call out people on the street, apparently because they don't have any more contract work to go to so they found a new hobby. That's cute.

It's times like these that I remind myself: there are so many people in the world trying to make you mad, jealous, lash out, and deviate from the self you're working on in order to harvest your energy. People hate to see you dismiss their negative actions towards you, and they hate to see you be better than them; they are jealous that you aren't affected by your environment, rather you choose to be who you want to be and match your environment to that. Don't let people take your energy, you're better than that. The more you improve, the higher amount of people who will want you to quit and fail at what you're working on. Misery loves company. Don't be miserable, just wake up, work hard, and take every fucker's soul who said you couldn't do it.

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