Ides of March: Things that have been on my mind (」°ロ°)」

Just gonna jump right into it. I've become very bitter towards everyone. I'm tired of people trying to tell me what to do, which is why I choose to not associate with most people. I don't go out and drink, I don't eat junk food, I don't hook up (most of the time), currently I don't have social media besides Farcaster (which is probably the most useful social media there is right now). I just wake up, work out, eat, and work on my personal projects and my job. It's in a sense living like a monk. There's work to be done and every day is an opportunity to get the work done.

Ever since I started working out, all of a sudden people want to talk to me. Strangers offer unsolicited advice on what I should be doing. Random people on the sidewalk want to strike up conversation. Yesterday, I had a guy stalk me for 2 MILES on the sidewalk to try and get my attention, and I confronted him 3 times - didn't go away until I literally ran out into traffic. Today, I had a personal trainer (who I've never seen before), try to tell my squats are not "optimal" even though 1) I didn't ask, and 2) I go to the gym 6 times a week and I feel great and I'm making progress. In fact, I should be training him, but I digress because it's besides the point. The point is that it's becoming more apparent that the better of a version that you are, the more that people want to chime in to either make you become more like them or to stop you from becoming a better version of you.

I'm tired of being a subpar human and "chilling out". Fuck your "chilling out", fuck you too and your opinions. I'm here to work, to make enlighten culture with creations, to lift, to build muscle and definition, I'm here to make people mad with the truth, and I'm here to feel the deliberate pain of life. I'm here to build a relationship with god, whoever god is. And it's really sad that if I say these things out in public, especially in san francisco, as a gay man, I will have a hoard of people starting an argument with me or fight me because, again, they want to make you be who they are and see your mind of steel as a threat to the established culture.

Have a great day and drink water


P.S. Here's an art piece I got done with the other day of the PM PCI-TRC-4, a lost technological relic of the 1980s:


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