From: The Antique Anthology
Inspired by: Constraints
Writing credits: The Nightingale
Acknowledgement: Nicku

They loved each other;
And were masters
in lavish analogies

he casually remarked,

You are the Earth, I am the Sun

She replied,

You are right,
I must revolve around you.
The day this geography changes;
the heavens will be shaken.

I throb in the pain
of your searing flames.
And though I know
my misery cannot equal yours
in intensity,
I honestly kiss your parched lips
in recognition of your aching malady.

I share your affliction too
and that is all
this earth in this birth
can do.

Sun dear,
it is your fate to burn
and the earth cannot come
any closer to you
lest she burns too.

She may not be afraid of burning
but time has set her orbit.
So, your fire reaches her;
lighting up her entire self.

But sometimes,
when every ray out of you
carries tonnes of fire,
she purely burns,
surely burns
and realizes the trove of burning
you carry within you.

But since her orbit is set
that is all she can do.

© The Nightingale

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