Open palm slap to the face, fists to the skull, angry eyes staring at me. I cover before those eyes, I feel weak and deserving of everything I have coming. It's my fault, really it is, it's not just not something I'm saying. I should carry the blame, shoulder the burden. I'm sure it's my fault.

I wish I could cry, cry this hateful angry person out of me, release him and let go of the hurt and the anger. I wish I didn't have to hurt you anymore, that I didn't have to bruise and punish you every day, but here we are, I'm still mad and you're still weak and pathetic.

He looks at me with dead cold eyes, the fire has gone out now, only disgust remain. I look back with tears in my eyes, they signal hurt and fear. Nothing and everything joins us. A mirror stands between us and in it we share the bruises, the hurt, everything but the eyes.

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