4 Steps To Declutter Your Digital Life

Just like your regular life, your digital life also needs a declutter-drive now and then. As we use the internet and digital devices for more and more services, our life may get easier but our digital life gets messier and messier.
Many people have no idea how many emails they are subscribed to or how many online accounts they have. To get hold of your digital life, follow these steps:

  1. Declutter Your Smartphone

a) Disable notifications
Every mobile app these days comes with a plethora of notifications. Most of which are garbage and are the ways to grab your attention.
In both Android and iPhone, you can disable notifications for individual apps by going into the Settings.

b) Delete Unused Apps
Go through your phone’s App Manager and check all the apps installed on your smartphone.
Chances are there would be apps like some photo editing app or a habit tracking app that you never use. Delete them. Free up phone’s memory.

c) Move Photos Away
Free up your phone from photos and back them up to cloud storage. If you don’t have much cloud space, you transfer them to your computer.
This step will not only clear up your phone’s storage but will also make sure that your memories are safe in case you lose your smartphone.
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  1. Declutter Your Computer???

  2. Declutter Your Social Media ???

  3. Declutter Your Email???

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