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4 Steps To Declutter Your Digital Life

Just like your regular life, your digital life also needs a declutter-drive now and then. As we use the internet and digital devices for more and more services, our life may get easier but our digital life gets messier and messier.
Many people have no idea how many emails they are subscribed to or how many online accounts they have. To get hold of your digital life, follow these steps:

  1. Declutter Your Smartphone

a) Disable notifications
Every mobile app these days comes with a plethora of notifications. Most of which are garbage and are the ways to grab your attention.
In both Android and iPhone, you can disable notifications for individual apps by going into the Settings.

b) Delete Unused Apps
Go through your phone’s App Manager and check all the apps installed on your smartphone.
Chances are there would be apps like some photo editing app or a habit tracking app that you never use. Delete them. Free up phone’s memory.

c) Move Photos Away
Free up your phone from photos and back them up to cloud storage. If you don’t have much cloud space, you transfer them to your computer.
This step will not only clear up your phone’s storage but will also make sure that your memories are safe in case you lose your smartphone.
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  1. Declutter Your Computer???

  2. Declutter Your Social Media ???

  3. Declutter Your Email???

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Watching Cricket on TV in the 2000s

I see many of my friends in the WhatsApp group asking 'Match ka link he kisi ke paas? (Does anybody have the link of today's match?)'. Nowadays cricket is broadcasted not only on television and radio but streaming platforms and mobile apps. In fact, these days cricket is mostly seen on the go i.e. on smartphones.

Let's travel two decades back. Watching cricket on the television in the 2000s is one of my beloved memories. Earliest of my recollection date back to the 2003 World Cup (Although this cup proved to be a nightmare for the Pakistani team). Nokia ruled the world and the mobile internet was a distant dream. But every home had a color television. We had a black Sony with just one channel PTV.

During my school days, cricket was a major source of entertainment (No Netflix, Tiktok, and Instagram). There was something super exciting about coming back from school and switching on the television to watch cricket. Sometimes, I would even watch pre-match analysis. There wasn't anything worse than to know that the next tournament has been scheduled during your exams.

Before mobile internet and all that cricbuzz and crickinfo, I used to crop the schedule of tournaments from newspaper and keep it beside the television. Watching cricket matches with cousins and uncles was a hell of an experience. In the summer we would drag a tv trolley in the courtyard and the whole home would turn into a cricket ground. Uncles and cousins would cheer the team when it performed well and curse the team...well all the time (Pakistan team sucked in the big events but was a good side during regular series'). Since there was no way to post stories and statuses, so after the match everybody would give his opinion about today's match. Even in the school next, there used to be a post-match analysis.

The best thing about watching cricket in those days was that I could watch cricket without scrolling my smartphone. Just cricket. Nowadays, I check my phone between every two balls. Maybe the world has gotten so fast that time between two deliveries feels like an hour.

All in all, cricket used to be more of an entertainment and less of an advertising business.

The Only Note-Taking App That You Need

If you are a ‘note-taking nerd’ like me and are always typing ‘Best note-taking apps’ in your search bar, then do read this article till the end.

Gone are the days when you had to carry a pen and a notebook(physical one) for taking notes. Nowadays, all you need is a digital device, with a note-taking app and Bob’s your uncle.

Many great note-taking apps are there in the market, both free and paid. But today I am going to tell you about my favorite note-taking app that has all the functions that any note-taking app could have.
And that is ------

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My Favorite Cars from The 80s

Here we are with another nostalgic post cherishing our favorite decade, the 80s.
Well, I am not a car enthusiast but anyway, here are my three favorite cars from the 80s:

1) Toyota Corolla E80:

(Image Link:

Manufactured between 1983 to 1987, this fifth generation of Toyota Corolla is without a doubt the most popular car of its time in Pakistan. One of my uncles had this car and that's why I saw a great deal of this car in my childhood (the early 2000s). So this car is also a childhood memory for me. From 1990 to the late 2000s, they enjoyed huge popularity among Pakistanis and were a must part of every Barat.
Due to their durability, these cars can be still seen on the Pakistani roads even after three decades since their made.

2) Nissan Sunny B12:

(Image Link:[7397].jpg)

With a 'super-flat' rear, this car is the epitome of the 80s car design. This variant of Nissan Sunny was manufactured from 1985 to 1990. Although, in the late 80s, sharp edges were getting out of fashion and were being replaced with somewhat round corners. Still, the chief designer at the company at that time insisted on a sharp-edged design and I salute him for giving us a classic-80s design (Although this contributed to poor sales of these cars.) It is still seen in the big cities of Pakistan, mostly in white color.

3) Honda Accord (2nd Generation):

This car resembles in shape to Toyota Corolla E80 (in my point of view, from the rear side) but it has its own charm and grace. Built from 1981 to 1984, this car is every 80s-lover's dream (so is mine) and looks totally awesome in midnight-blue color. This car is still owned by some car enthusiasts in Pakistan but it isn't as common as the Toyota Corolla E80.

All of these amazing cars are a marvel of Japanese Technology. However, in the movie The Sunshine Boys (1975), Walter Matthau doesn't agree with this. That's what he says when his Japanese-made television doesn't work:

(Walter Matthau) "Lousy Japs, they lost the war, now they send us their junk."

That's it for today guys. Until next crap of nostalgia.

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What to write about today. Ah! Nothing special (as always).
Hmm, oh well, currently I am writing a article about my favorite note-taking app on which I hope to complete it in two three days. Yeah! I am as lazy as are thinking. I can proudly relate to this quote that I stole from the internet:

"You know you are lazy when you get excited about cancelling your plans."

Coming back, so If you are a 'note-taking nerd' like me and are always typing 'Best note -taking apps' in your search bar, then do give it a read when I finish it.

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Some Funny Sayings

Here are some funny sayings I gathered from the internet:

  1. Some people's x-ray looks much better than their photographs.
  2. You are as useless a fart in a wind tunnel.
  3. You got a face only a mother can love.
  4. I would agree with you but then we would both be wrong.
  5. Weird hill to die on, but at least you are dead.
  6. Sounds like a whole lot of not-my-problems.
  7. Be an optimist. It pisses off people.
  8. She got a face that would make a train take a dirt path.
  9. Sometimes, I surprise myself too.
  10. I am not anti-social, but I am definitely anti-moron.

I didn't just copy-pasted them as you thought. I typed them myself and … that's why I do deserve some credit.
Have a nice day.

The Retro Room Design

Check out my new design at Behance, called 'The Retro Room':

Well, nothing special in this graphic. Just a room, kind of which doesn't exist now a days. You have a tape recorder and a vinyl record in the right shelf. A record with a tape recorder! Yes I know there should have been a audio cassette in place of a record. Anyway, It still catches the spirit of a retro room. Moreover, there is also the painting of a cassette on the wall.

In the left shelf, you have some books. Paper books, no kindle or e-readers. In the center of the room you have a chair and there are also two huge-ass loud speakers in room. Yes, those old-school speakers.

No screen in the room. No mobile, no laptop no iPad. TV is still a screen, that's why no TV in this graphics. During the 80s, Russian TVs were common in Pakistan. They used to take half an hour to start and use more power than an electric motor. No to mention how expensive technology was in those times. Thank God we have a country named China.

So, that was a classic 80s/90s room. The one in which I never been in real life (Since I am 2000s' kid). I bet people in those times used to fall asleep a lot easier than us (No doom-scrolling before sleep).

100 Years of UET

From 1921 to 2021, my Alma Mater, the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (UET) has turned 100. Today's alumni reunion was arranged for celebrating a century of this institute and today's motto was ''100 years of Academic Excellence' (Gladly they didn't make a typo and write '100 Years of Academic Negligence').

Although It has just been three years since my graduation but coming to the first-ever reunion was a great experience. It brought back so many beautiful memories that It seemed I was still studying there. To be honest, three years is too early to cherish memories. I mean, It makes you look old. I think there should be a minimum of 25 years, hmm! a silver jubilee is not bad. Because this many years, you forgot most of the things, so can say to your children and wife that what a 'genius' student you were and at the same, you won't feel guilty after lying because you won't remember yourself as a bad student. Super cool. (Just don't say it in front of your parents. They wouldn't forget how 'genius' you were)

It was great to see some of the old-timers. One of them was Dr. Ijaz from the 1961 session, a chief engineer in Pakistan Railway and probably the oldest alumni alive. Damn! It has been what, sixty-one years, sixty-one years since he got admission in UET and that's freaking amazing. He shared some of his memories from the swinging 60s, like coming to the university on a bicycle and facing the wrath of the teachers for entering class after eight o'clock (Teachers were the same in the 60s as they are today. No change even after sixty years.). I think this old chap should stop working in the Railways and start writing memoirs (and avoid sugar and regularly check up his blood pressure).

Many other alumni were from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Each of these decades encompasses a whole different world on Pakistan's political and cultural horizon. From Ayub's dictatorship to Bhutto's socialism and Zia's martial law to the musical-chair democracy of the 90s, these changing times would have had a profound effect on the students. Once in 2017, I saw some alumni from the '77 session, and what a session! which started their engineering journey with a welcome party from Zia's martial law.

In short, students from the sessions of 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s are legends. Period. They couldn't copy-paste assignments in Microsoft Office. They couldn't just WhatsApp assignments to their class fellows. They couldn't get semester data from their seniors in a flash drive (I am pretty sure they had their own ways of getting assignments' solutions themselves.)

Moreover, their means of entertainment were different as well. They couldn't just watch episode after episode at night while eating a large pizza. They couldn't doom-scroll Facebook before sleep. It must have been very difficult to smuggle a VCR and video cassettes to your hostel room(Poor kids). No 'share-your-pics-and-I-will delete-them-afterward' with your crush. Just old-school letters. most of which would get caught before reaching their destination. Still, they graduated. Gen Z salutes them.

In case you don't know, before the 2000s, students had their own top-level entertainment. Because at that time there was all kind of shit at UET, student unions, Kalashnikovs, and drugs. Their hobbies included taking guns to the examination hall or solving the papers in their hostel room and beating any rickshaw driver who asked for the fare. In those days, UET was referred to as the contraction of 'University of Error and Terror' (I wish I were a student during that time). Anyway, we should give them the credit for graduating without the internet, social media, and Netflix.

Pakistan Post issued a post-stamp on completion of hundred years of UET. Similarly, State Bank also issued a rupees hundred coin in this regard. Both of which I bought today as memorabilia (And now I don't know what to do with these. Let's hope taht UET Alumni Association have a return policy, otherwise I can say goodbye to my 500 rupee note).

To express my unexpressed feeling about my university ,I want to borrow some lines from Faiz:

تازہ ہیں ابھی یاد میں اے سا قئ گلفام
وہ عکسِ رخِ یار سے لِہکے ہوئے اَیام
وہ پُھول سی کِھلتی ہوئی دِیدار کی ساعت
وہ دِل سا دھڑکتا ہوا امید کا ہنگام

Taza hain abhi yaad mein a saqi-e-gulfam
Woh aks-e-rukh-e-yaar se lehkey huey ayaam
Woh phool si khilti hui deedar ki sa'at
Woh dil sa dharkata hua umeed ka hangaam

In the end, to explain the transition from student life to practical life in the words of Suroor:

زِندگی عارض و کاکُل کی گزرگاہوں سے
رفتہ رفتہ رَسن و دار تک آ پہنچی ہے

Zindagi aaraz-o-kakul ki guzar gahon se
Rafta rafta rasn-o-daar tak aa pohnchi hai

Movie Of The Day: Hopscotch (1980)

Hopscotch (1980)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Spy-Fiction
Cast: Walter Matthau, Glenda Jackson, Sam Waterston, Ned Beatty, Herbert Lom

My Review:
A classic spy movie of the 80s and strangely with no big action scenes. And that's the beauty of it. It was just pure acting by Walter Matthau who gave us some memorable punch lines (He never disappointed us.) Although a typical story about a spy turning rogue, cold war tactics and CIA's incompetence (yeah!). However it is still worth-watching because...well, because it was an 80s movie and, uh, it was stars Walter Matthau and... what else you want from a movie? Strangely this movie doesn't cast Soviets as the bad guys like in other cold war movies. Maybe because it was a comedy movie.

Just sit back and read some quotes from this movie.
Movie Lines:
I could make a run for it, you know.

Come on, Yaskov. You running, me chasing? We'd look like Laurel and Hardy.

We're having our picture taken.
That's Follett. He's an idiot. Probably no film in the camera.

You seem like a nice man. You remind me of my father.
That's always been my problem.

The cleaning lady will untie you in the morning.
I hope she's pretty...

Isobel von Schonenberg:
An American without ice in his drink is unthinable, if not unconstitutional!

Does he bite? (Referring to Schonenberg's dog)

Only people he didn't like.
Oh! I only bite people I like.

Some Funny Movie Lines

Nothing in my mind to write about. But anyway. Writing is what writer does.
So here goes some of my favorite movies lines of on humor:

A friend in my building died.
Oh, sorry to hear that. Find out what his rent was. I am always looking for cheaper.
(The Odd Couple II 1998)

Mrs. Lampert! do you know what CIA is?
I don't suppose it's an airline, is it?
(Charade 1962)

I am willing to pay in advance.
Well what else? A sack of flour and some color beads?
(Mirage 1965)

Your wife should be a doctor. She could make a fortune in Manhattan with this handwriting.
(The Mist 2007)

I only make decisions when my stomach is full or my balls are empty.
(The King's Men 2021)

He got a compressed vertebra
Are you sure?
Why do you think I am wearing this outfit, because I am a barber?
(The Fortune Cookie 1966 )

And as you can see from bio, I am an Classics-Lover, Retro-Enthusiast, that's why some of the movies mentioned here are from 60s and 70s.

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A Cassette Design + Nostalgia

Check out my new Retro Cassette Design at:

Yeah, another bad design in the Hall of Fame of Bad Designs, but it's okay. I'm improving.

About this design:
Well, audio cassettes have been the biggest source of inspiration in my designing journey. Being a 2000s kid (born in the late 90s'), I saw the magic of audio cassette playing in every household from the early 2000s to the mid-2000s. But with the arrival of mobile in the late 2000s, audio cassettes suddenly disappeared. However, they aren't disappearing from the world of graphic design any sooner because they are every retro designer's paradise (Is this metaphor correct? Anyway)

A little History of Audio Cassettes:
This magnetic recording type format was introduced in 1963 by Philips. From the early 1970s to the mid-2000s, the cassette was one of the most used formats for music. But it had tough competitors. In the 70s and 80s, it was the LP record. From the 90s to 2000s, it was CD.

Nevertheless, the audio cassette will remain as the most cherished item of nostalgia for the generations of1970s-2000s.

(Meanwhile Zuckerberg-Generation, after reading this post: "Come on, grow up. Get past it. We are no more in the 80s. This is the twenty-first century. There is the internet, Metaverse, AI, VR, and shit.)

Few Couplets چند اشعار

قائم ہے اب میری وفاؤں کا سلسلہ
اک سلسلہ ہے ان کی جفاؤں کا سلسلہ
Qayim hai ab meri wafaon ka silsila
Ek silsila hai un ki jafaon ka silsila

کسی کی راہ میں کا نٹے کسی کی راہ میں پھول
ہماری راہ میں طوفاں ہے دیکھیے کیا ہو
Kisi ki rah mein kante kisi ki rah mein phool
Hamari rah mein toofan hai dekhiye kia ho

ورنہ یہ تیز دھوپ تو چھبتی ہمیں بھی ہے
ہم چپ کھڑے ہوئے ہیں کہ تو سائباں میں ہے
Warna ye taiz dhoop to chubti hamen bhi hai
Hum chup khare hue hen ke too saibaan mein hai

آئے تھے بے نیاز تیری بارگاہ میں
جاتے ہیں اک ہجوم تمنا لیے ہوئے
Aye the beniaz teri bargah mein
Jate hain ek hujoom-e-tamanna liye hue

ہم پارسا ہیں پھر بھی تیرے دست ناز سے
مِل جائے کوئی جام تو اِنکار بھی نہیں
Hum paarsaa hain phir bhi tere dast-e-naaz se
Mil jaye koi jaam to inkaar bhi nahin

The Fantastic 50s

There was a guest entry for writing something about 50s tech. Well, I really don't know much about 50s tech. What I have heard from elders is that there were transistor radios and their batteries would run after just a day of use. On the other hand, I absolutely adore the 80s tech (Well, who doesn't?) Poor quality VHS Cassettes, computer games with wired graphics and huge-ass tape recorders are the things that make every 80s guy die with nostalgia.
Let's keep the 80s for another time and come back to the 50s. Yes, from a bright and colorful world to a dull and black and white one. Pakistan was still in the early years of its birth. There was political instability and many other problems. Almost all of these still exist today.

Coming back to technology, at the time of independence All India Radio was divided among both countries like everything else and the Pakistani part was renamed as Radio Pakistan. However, Television was introduced in 1964 in Pakistan but I think in USA Television had reached the market in the 1940s and in the late1950s most American households owned a TV set. Damn Americans.

A surprise in technology came from the Soviets when they launched a satellite named Sputnik 1 in 1957. Uncle Sam launched a smaller satellite and hence the space race started.

If we talk about the movies and songs of the 50s, they were absolutely amazing. Urdu songs of Pakistan and India are my favorite. The same goes for Urdu movies.
My class-fellows hate it when I listen to old songs and watch old movies in front of them. They think I am from another planet. So whenever, I want to make them go away, I play a 50s melody.

In the post-World War II decade, war was one of the favorite topics of filmmakers in the 50s. Movies like Bridge on River Kwai and All Quiet on Western Front are the best movies on WWII. Moreover, nobody can rule out thrillers such as Vertigo, North By Northwest, Sunset Blvd and Rear Window. While Some Like It Hot is arguably the best comedy ever produced. Whenever my class-fellows or friends need a recommendation for a classic movie, I am the guy they ask (and most of the time, they don't like that recommendation.)

All in all, the 50s was really a Fantastic decade.

First Post

Welcome to my Listed blog,
Great to see you here.
Well what I am gonna writer here?
I may occasionally write about about old things and old times. Sort of retro and vintage times. From radio to VHS. And from 1950s to 1990s.
There will be surely some silly humor, most of which you wouldn't like. But anyway, I am the writer here.
Other times, I will write any damn idea thought that comes to my mind and you will have absolutely no idea what the hell I have written about? Frankly I laugh my ass off when I see the old entries in my paper journal.
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