How to Plan Your Day for Maximum Productivity

"Think Ahead. Plan for tomorrow, before it arrives."

In today’s fast-paced world, everybody has a lot of plates spinning. Planning your day in advance gives you better control over your day-to-day activities. A daily plan enables you to focus on your most important task while keeping the distractions to a minimum.

Next time you sit to plan your day, remember the following points:

1) Pick a Planning tool

a) Digital: If you prefer a digital system, do some research on to-do list apps and digital calendars. You will surely land on a reasonable app from App Store/ Play Store.

My personal recommendation is Microsoft To Do(Simple and free).

b) Pen and Paper: If you like going old-schools, get a notebook. A simple notebook will do the trick. However, some specialized notebooks (e.g. bullet journals) are also available in the market.

If your schedule already has a lot of screen time and you want to wind down on some of it, a physical notebook is your friend.

c) Hybrid: If you want to harness the benefits of both the above-mentioned systems, a hybrid system is the viable solution.

2) Prioritize

Prioritize your activities in the order of their importance. Schedule your most important tasks first, then do the second most important one, and so on.

The most common technique to prioritize is to write down the three most important things that you want to accomplish by the end of the day.

Another way is to write the one most important task which you must complete on that day. Start the remaining tasks once you complete this task.

3) Task Batching

Task batching is a planning technique to combine similar activities. Simply put tasks that are similar can be scheduled together, like texting a friend, emailing a client, or replying to social media comments, which can all be planned to be held, say from 12:30 to 1:30.

Without Batching technique, you would be spreading them throughout the day (say texting a friend at 10:30, emailing the client at 12:00, and replying to social media comments at 2:00). This way of planning doesn’t look so bad on the surface, but remember that switching between tasks offers considerable friction and therefore wastes your energy and time.

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