What the world will look like in 10 years.

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What the world will like in 10 years

Well, 10 years is not a big duration, but given the unprecedented speed of tech advancement, no wonder how tech will change the world in the next ten years.
Just to give the examples of previous ten-year gaps:
In the years 2000, nobody would have thought that every household will have a mobile phone by 2010.
In the years 2010, nobody would have imagined that smartphones will become an integral part of our lives by 2020, and that we would depend upon our smartphones for not just communication but work and entertainment too.

How the World Will Look Like In 2032:
1) Internet will become faster and faster, e.g. 5G, 6G or any next G.
2) Improvements in smartphone technologies e.g. better cameras, and wireless charging, to name a few.
3) As the internet becomes more integral part of our lives, so our dependency on it will continue to increase.
4) Mankind might make a colony on Mars (After defeating aliens in WW3)
5) World might shift to using more and more green energies like solar and using less and fewer fossil fuels (If the climate change will not have already come to a point-of-no-retrun)
6) Adverse impacts of climate change on the earth will increase.
7) Common man will have access to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (Including me and you).

8) Blockchain, NFT, crypto, and similar new technologies will be on the rise (Becasue right now, I don't know anything about these except the names)

What Would I have written in 2012 about 2022:
(Remember that In 2012, I had a Nokia camera phone with a keypad-Nokia 2700 Classic or Nokia X2-02)

1) Mobile internet will become faster
2) Touch mobiles will replace keypad mobiles
3) Students would be able to study on the internet

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