Retro Windows

If you are like me, the first Windows you used was Windows XP. Windows XP came in 2000s and It was successor to Windows 98. Before Windows 98, there was Windows 95. Although, I have never used it, I always have the fascination with Windows 95.

So, to pay a tribute to the Windows 95, I have designed this Computer wallpaper. Just a simple blue background with a custom logo, in which I have tried to incorporate the 90s look, while at the same time keeping it a little modern,

Download my tribute to Windows 95 from this link and set it as your wallpaper:

Ok, we talked about the 90s. Now let's go a little backward, to the 80s. As far as I know, DOS was used in computers in the 80s.
By keeping the same logo, but changing the colors, I have tried to design a retro windows design. I hope you will like that too:

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