The Retro Room Design

Check out my new design at Behance, called 'The Retro Room':

Well, nothing special in this graphic. Just a room, kind of which doesn't exist now a days. You have a tape recorder and a vinyl record in the right shelf. A record with a tape recorder! Yes I know there should have been a audio cassette in place of a record. Anyway, It still catches the spirit of a retro room. Moreover, there is also the painting of a cassette on the wall.

In the left shelf, you have some books. Paper books, no kindle or e-readers. In the center of the room you have a chair and there are also two huge-ass loud speakers in room. Yes, those old-school speakers.

No screen in the room. No mobile, no laptop no iPad. TV is still a screen, that's why no TV in this graphics. During the 80s, Russian TVs were common in Pakistan. They used to take half an hour to start and use more power than an electric motor. No to mention how expensive technology was in those times. Thank God we have a country named China.

So, that was a classic 80s/90s room. The one in which I never been in real life (Since I am 2000s' kid). I bet people in those times used to fall asleep a lot easier than us (No doom-scrolling before sleep).

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