Getting Things Done (GTD)

What I learned Today:
The GTD method is made up of five simple practices to systematize the clutter in your brain and get things done:

1) Capture Everything: Capture anything that crosses your mind. Nothing is too big or small! These items go directly into your inboxes.

2) Clarify Process what you’ve captured into clear and concrete action steps. Decide if an item is a project, next action, or reference.

3) Organize: Put everything in the right place. Add dates to your calendar, delegate projects to other people, file away reference material and sort your tasks.

4) Review: Frequently look over, update, and revise your lists.

5) Engage: Get to work on the important stuff."


-> I learned about this method a year ago and since then, I have been trying to implement this technique in my life.

First of all, you need a note-taking system to work with. Don't worry, just a pen and a diary or an app like Standard Notes will do the trick. You can also check out my note-taking app too:

Regarding step one, I have been capturing my thoughts and ideas into Standard Notes and in my other note-taking app. Capturing is important. Because our minds are good idea-generators but not so good idea-keeper. This means, that if you will keep everything in your head and won't jot it down, you are most likely to forget about it.

Clarifying what you have captured is super important. Because, without clarifying, you can't make it workable. It'll be just a raw idea sitting in your notes. Make sure to break it down into small and actionable steps.

The next step is organizing, just like assigning tags to your notes in Standard Notes. In my note-taking app, it is more fun. You can group your notes into different notebooks. Plus, you can add custom covers to your notebooks.

In step four, you want to keep your notes accessible, which means they shouldn't get buried under your other notes, that you forget about them. To avoid that, In Standard Notes, you can 'pin' the notes you are working on.

And finally, all your note-taking system is nothing, if you don't act upon your ideas. Just do it. And do it NOW.

(PS: I just crossed the 8000s words mark on my profile. A great achievement.)

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