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No Control. No Patience.

I'm trying to re-invegerate my brain to think about things that are actually worthwhile spending time on. My brain tends to jump from stupid thing to stupid thing. Obsessing about far to much along the way. I drive myself insane. I'm sure I drive my best friend insane by repeating the same actions again and again even with their constant advice not to do it. I have no ability to control myself. In any way. Food. Clothes. People. If I want something – I want it now and I can't really feel res...
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Tired + delirious

Delirious kind of feels like 'delicious' when being typed out. This is mainly because I had no idea how to spell delirious. This could potentially be because my brain has decided it is in shut down mode. I am unsure if this sudden decision to close up shop for the day was because I didn't have my 3PM coffee, or because it's just not getting enough sleep. It's hard to say. Today is a Tuesday. It feels like the week could drag on forever, yet the days are going relatively quickly. It's easy to...
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