Tired + delirious

Delirious kind of feels like 'delicious' when being typed out. This is mainly because I had no idea how to spell delirious. This could potentially be because my brain has decided it is in shut down mode.

I am unsure if this sudden decision to close up shop for the day was because I didn't have my 3PM coffee, or because it's just not getting enough sleep. It's hard to say.

Today is a Tuesday. It feels like the week could drag on forever, yet the days are going relatively quickly. It's easy to get caught up in thinking that old saying 'if you find something you love then you won't work a day in your life.'

I thought I had. I don't dislike it, but it is still work. The day to day I think is where it feels like work. Not the actual outputs or the thinking behind it. I enjoy that. I thrive off being good at that.

The 9 – 5 grind is the killer. Especially now it's coming into winter and you barely see daylight except when you're sitting in your desk – inside.

I remember how low I felt at the end of last winter. I'm trying to work out ways to prevent that from happening. Growing up in Brisbane, winter was just something cute where you could wear a cardigan for a few months. The winter slump / winter depression was not a thing.

Melbourne – you make it a real thing. Winter makes me want to move back home, even though I actually love everything about it. The cold air on my skin. Jumpers. Scarves.

Why is life so conflicting. Why can't live just be perfect? Oh, right... because then it would be boring as shit and everyone would be the same and never have any issues and we'd never have anything to bitch about. What. A. Shame.

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