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House cleaning, keeping it clean is the responsibility of every family member. If a person is surrounded by chaos, if the hostess is not able to maintain cleanliness even in her own apartment, this indicates a character and a disordered life. But sometimes the following factors stop you: lack of time, fatigue, bouts of laziness. Consider how to keep your home clean without getting discouraged.

The right motivation

Sometimes you just need to push yourself, start cleaning, and develop good habits. Motivate yourself!

Imagine relaxing in a clean, fresh and organized home, where every thing has found its place. No dust, dirty clothes and dishes, crumbs on the floor.
Come up with a reward when you're done cleaning. For example, tea with sweets and watching your favorite TV series, a hot bubble bath, a family walk in the park.

Remember that you are setting an example for children. It is impossible to accustom yourself to cleanliness if you yourself do not adhere to the rules. Organize joint cleaning of the apartment , arrange fun competitions. Introduce the child from an early age.
The house is the master's reflection. Design ideas are left behind when the apartment is dirty and cluttered. And it's not just about receiving guests. Scientists have found that a clean and well-groomed house affects the mood of the household and maintains a positive emotional background.
Think of cleaning as regular exercise. Washing windows , rearranging things, removing dust and other procedures use most of a person's muscle mass. Plus, daily exercise controls your weight.
Stains, dirty furniture, and unclean carpets are breeding grounds for pathogens, mites, parasites and viruses. Insects get on the skin, causing allergies, microbes in the respiratory tract, undermining the immune system. Imagine the danger children are in.
Developing the right habits
The main reason busy people call an uncleaned house is the lack of time. Indeed, after returning from work, I don't want to think about cleaning. Western housewives solved the problem with a fly lady system based on several principles.

  1. Do the cleaning daily, but no more than 15 minutes. Pick one room for today and one action - for example, dust off, mop the floors and vacuum, throw out the accumulated debris. In the future, daily cleaning will become commonplace.

  2. Do not try to be in time everywhere - act within the agreed time frame. So you will not get tired, but the house will gradually change.

  3. Return the taken things to their place, and do not throw them around the apartment.

  4. Start a basket for dirty clothes if not available. Put stale things there right away, do not drag out the wash.

  5. Wash the dishes after each meal; wipe the stove immediately after cooking.

  6. Wipe the spot you noticed, do not put it off for later when it dries up or eats into the surface.

  7. Get rid of old junk, throw out the garbage in time, do not accumulate candy wrappers or paper on the desktop. Conduct a monthly audit.

The technique is simple, but it works from two sides: it reduces the number of sources polluting the apartment and develops a useful habit of regular cleaning. The main thing is not to be lazy.

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