Easy House Cleaning Tips

How to clean your home of dust and dust mites

Scientists say that 19-20 kilograms of dust are collected in an apartment of up to 100 square meters in one year. If you look at the dust hidden under sofas and behind cabinets through a microscope, you can see particles of smog, dirt, pieces of human skin, animal hair and much more. From this unpleasant "cocktail" you need to get rid of regularly and carry out wet cleaning in the room.

How to clean your home of dust and dust mites - photo 2It is interesting to note that in 24 hours more than five billion dust particles settle on the mucous membrane of the human respiratory tract. This leads to the fact that 80% of the internal resources of the immune system is spent on fighting them.
It is important to remember that bacteria, fungi and dust mites multiply in the dust. These unpleasant insects live in almost every apartment. They are not dangerous, but their waste products are strong allergens. Dust mite excrement provokes asthma attacks and inflammation of the nasopharynx.

A sequence of actions to remove dust in the house.

To protect yourself and your loved ones, it is advisable to perform the following algorithm of actions.

  1. Look around and get rid of things that collect dust (carpets, stuffed animals, bedspreads).
  2. Change bedding. It is advisable to replace down pillows and woolen blankets with antiallergenic counterparts. Remember that padding polyester and polyester collect dust. If it is not possible to immediately replace everything, then you should start with the most important thing - pillows.
  3. Regularly and properly wet the room. It is important to use a washing vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner with a removable filter.
  4. Use specialized household air purifiers. They absorb dust and humidify the air.
  5. Ventilate pillows and blankets and dry them in the sun at least once a month.

By strictly following these recommendations, you will free your house from dust and dust mites!

Cleaning the apartment with a cleaner - is it a necessity excess

oday, a woman has many tasks on her shoulders that do not allow her to waste precious time cleaning floors, washing clothes and ironing clothes. And what to do when there is simply not enough time for everything?

It is important to note that the cost of cleaning services is quite democratic and even an average family can afford it.
This is where the daily and general cleaning of residential premises, performed by professionals, comes to the rescue. By ordering it, you will save yourself from the regular routine and free up time for classes with your child or going to the gym.

What does the cleaning company offer?

Range of cleaning services:

  1. Washing windows, shop windows and facades;
  2. Persecution of insects and rodents;
  3. Cleaning of residential, office and industrial premises;
  4. Laundry and ironing;
  5. Territory cleaning and garbage disposal;
  6. Dry-cleaner of carpets and upholstered furniture.

The Maid Svc company works around the clock and is ready to go to order, both day and night!

It is important to note that the Customer independently chooses a complex of cleaning operations that must be performed at a specific facility.

Is it possible to order a general cleaning only in the kitchen? Or you need to order cleaning of the entire apartment.

This decision depends only on you. Each of our Customers independently decides which package of services he wants to include in the general cleaning of the apartment. If you need to wash only the kitchen area, our cleaning will obediently perform this task. Separately, it should be noted that the price of a kitchen sink will be much less than a comprehensive cleaning service of an entire apartment. In addition, we can say that the price may be affected by the need to wash from the inside of the oven, microwave, hood and other items of kitchen equipment. Also, at your request, the dishes, pans, pots and other kitchen items can be washed.

Cleaning Healing is an Effective Way to Open Up

An indisputable fact, proven by experts: all objects that surround us have a huge impact on our internal state. A favorable atmosphere in the house is based primarily on cleanliness and order: excess trash fills, including our living space, making it difficult to think clearly, create, and dream. Getting rid of the unnecessary, a person lets new energy into his life.

Important Steps in Organizing Your Life

The first and perhaps the most important step on the path of healing and getting rid of unnecessary things will be visualization. It is impossible to organize the space in the house if you do not draw it mentally or on paper. Thus, signals are sent to the brain about the readiness of the person himself to create comfortable conditions for his life. The mood in cleaning is of tremendous importance: someone loves silence, and someone disassembles everything to music - the main thing is that it inspires and prompts you to action.

Unfortunately, many, seeing a huge pile of things, get lost and abandon cleaning (or simply shift from place to place). The main thing is not to panic and resolutely get down to business. Sorting doesn't take long if you throw out the excess right away. Very often things are left just in case - an erroneous idea imposed on us by past attitudes. If a thing does not bring joy today, you need to get rid of it.

Each thing should be in its place: a person himself lets chaos into his life, shifting everything from corner to corner. A very simple and effective way of sorting is to sort into categories and then find a place for each of them. For example, store cleaning products in the bathroom and toilet, put jewelry and cosmetics on the table in the room, distribute shoes in boxes and put them in the hallway.

Sweatshirts, trousers, dresses, T-shirts, folded as necessary, create a mess, which means they create a feeling of chaos in life. You can clean up your closet with the help of an effective method: put all things in one pattern. This will be difficult at first, but it will become a habit over time.

To let new energy, man, work, etc. into your world, you need to get rid of the past. It is very difficult to part with this or that thing that warms the soul. However, psychologists unanimously say: only getting rid of the old will help to free up living space for the future. It is useful to just throw out a thing that reminds of another person and open up to a new, more interesting one.

These things are not needed

  1. Branded bags and bags (often not used, but simply accumulate)

2.set aside for a special occasion or clothes that are not in size (collecting dust in the closet, since they are never put on)

3.old magazines

  1. cosmetics that have expired or that did not fit by color and texture (takes up space in the cosmetic bag, including samplers)

  2. notebooks, diaries, notes (it is unlikely to be useful in a new life)

  3. old phones, wires, chargers (figure out which device is this or other cable, it can be very difficult)

  4. hangers from dry cleaning (you need to throw them out immediately).

Cleanliness and order in the house, awareness of the need for each individual thing, neatly folded clothes and household items are the key to comfort and inner harmony of a person.

14 easy things to do to make your home look cleaner

There is not a single person who does not want to always return to a clean and comfortable home. But, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. A few simple things will help you with this.

Preference for light colors

It is best to have a lot of free space and light colors. Everyone knows that they visually enlarge the space and influence the order. An excellent choice would be decoration and furniture in light colors, as well as design moments: curtains, carpets, bedding. The room will be much cleaner if it is decorated in a light style.

Angles and straight lines

Based on the results of surveys, it was revealed that such lines are associated with cleanliness and order. It is also a good option to clean up the mess without any effort. Furniture with appropriate lines and angles is preferred. Its location should be the same, not forgetting about linearity. This gives first of all order, as well as sophistication and modesty.

Things are neatly stacked

Likewise, the feeling of a mess to the room is given by things scattered throughout the apartment. To avoid this, you just need to carefully fold things and put them in the closet. It won't take much time, the main thing is not to be lazy.


It is necessary to get rid of unnecessary items. If you carefully examine the room, you will notice that it is cluttered with unnecessary things that no one needs. It's a good idea to collect them and put them away, or even better to throw them away altogether.

Fold the pillows

Pillows that are not folded will ruin the whole picture of cleaning, even if the dust is wiped off, the floors are washed, the chandeliers are cleaned, things are removed. The effect will be better if the bedspreads are spread and the pillows are nicely arranged. They even give a not very clean room cleanliness.

The shoes are fine

The best idea is to purchase a shoe rack. It is also possible to simply find a good place to store your shoes. Both will help to make your home cleaner and tidier. No one will like the shoes scattered all over the hallway.

Hide things

The most effective old method. Collect all the scattered things and hide them in a place hidden from view.

Make the bed

An unmade bed always makes a negative impression. In order not to spoil the mood with an untidy bed, you need to spend just a couple of minutes in the morning and bring the bed into proper form.

A place for things

It would seem that there is no need to talk about it, but after examining the room, it is obvious that a large number of objects are not in their places, lying everywhere. Children's toys, a coffee mug, newspapers, clothes, plates - all this should be in its place. Here's another point to help with ordering the house.

Natural flowers

The room is refreshed, it becomes more beautiful and cozier thanks to living plants in pots or vases. It is important to choose plants so that they fit into the decor, then everything will look harmonious. In addition, the plants will oxygenate the room!


Without washing the dishes in the sink, on the table, on the stove, it creates the strongest sense of disorder in the apartment. It is worth learning how to wash the dishes immediately after eating, or at least put them in the dishwasher. That she was out of sight.


As with the lines, neatly folded towels in the bathroom and small kitchen towels add a sense of cleanliness.

Application of trays

Buying trays is a great investment. With them, you can easily and easily carry things and sort them. It is not very pleasant to look at heaps of scattered things, food and utensils. On several trays, it is possible to somehow group things. At the same time, it looks neat and stylish.


Each person regularly scatters receipts, cards, business cards, papers all over the house: on the table, on the nightstand, on the shelves, on the refrigerator. You need to think about a suitable place for the papers. The house will become clean and tidy.

The specialists of the Maid SVC cleaning services company will quickly and efficiently clean your apartment in Miami, and you will only have to enjoy the comfort and cleanliness.

Features of cleaning after renovation: why order a professional cleaning?

ou need to start thinking about how to do cleaning after repairs before starting repair work. After all, after their completion, without absolute cleanliness, it is impossible to feel satisfaction from those innovations that have occurred with the premises after the renovation work.

Features of cleaning after renovation of the premises are that it is carried out in several stages. Initially, all debris and dirt are removed, and then the specialists of the cleaning service proceed to a more detailed cleaning of the room.

What cleaning products are used?

A special technique is used. With an ordinary vacuum cleaner and a rag for cleaning floors, owners are unlikely to be able to cope with traces of plaster or paint. Specialists face problems with access to some contaminants (for example, cleaning ventilation slots). Therefore, cleaning companies use exclusively professional equipment with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Cons of unprofessional cleaning

If the landlords are thinking of handling all the "gifts" from the builders on their own, then they should be ready to soon correct all the consequences of ordinary cleaning. Most often these are poorly washed baseboards, paint smudges on the windows, the presence of a thin layer of white construction dust on the floor, dirty plumbing and dust in the ventilation. Proper cleaning after renovation means no problems listed above.

Call professionals for cleaning after renovation .

Professional cleaning after repair

Why is it worth contacting Maid Svc?

By ordering cleaning after renovation at Maid Svc, you can count on:
low prices;
the work of professionals;
professional equipment;
ecological cleaning products.
You can use the services of our company around the clock, regardless of holidays and weekends.

General cleaning of apartments ; Washing windows in the apartment ; Apartment cleaning after renovation ; Cleaning the apartment after a fire ; Cleaning the apartment after flooding ; Dry cleaning of furniture and carpets at home ; Removal of construction and household waste ; Air purification and removal of unpleasant odors by ozonizing the room ; It is easy to call the cleaning service at home .

General cleaning of apartments ;
Washing windows in the apartment ;
Cleaning the apartment after a person's death ;
Apartment cleaning after renovation ;
Cleaning the apartment after a fire ;
Cleaning the apartment after flooding ;
Dry cleaning of furniture and carpets at home ;
Removal of construction and household waste ;
Air purification and removal of unpleasant odors by ozonizing the room ;
It is easy to call the cleaning service at home .

You are not sleeping alone: ​​why are dust mites dangerous and where do they live?

Human habitation is a habitat for insects invisible to the eye. Dust mites inhabit beds, sofas, carpets, mattresses, and bedspreads. They feed on particles of exfoliated human skin.

The secretions of microscopic arthropods in humans cause skin allergies, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and in some they cause bronchial asthma.

Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture against mites

People sensitive to the antigens of invisible enemies seriously ask the question: "Dust mites ... how to get rid of this scourge?"

Self-cleaning regularly is not enough to solve this problem. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, carpets, mattresses and bedding will bring more benefits and guarantee you get rid of irritants for a long time.

How often should you professionally clean carpets, furniture and mattresses?

In order to minimize the number of insidious and invisible enemies, it is necessary at least once every six months to order dry cleaning of carpets, furniture, mattresses, pillows and blankets from professionals. There are other options: change the carpet and bedding every six months, or treat all soft surfaces with special anti-dust mite agents or a steam generator. But the first option is too expensive. The second one is very time consuming and will save you from ticks only for a couple of months. Then everything needs to be repeated again.

For allergy sufferers, it is also extremely important to wash bed linen weekly at a temperature of at least 65 degrees. Ironing will also help get rid of small parasites on bedding and clothes.

What else do you need dry cleaning of carpets and furniture for?

In addition to keeping out ticks, dry cleaning can help renew the look of your property. Sometimes people don't even notice how upholstery and carpeting gradually loses its appearance over time.

Spots appear on them, the color fades. Light-colored furniture and carpets take on grayish dirty tones. Simple cleaning and cleaning at home will not solve this problem. Moreover, inept actions and inappropriate cleaning agents can make the situation worse. And subsequently, such attempts may lead to the impossibility of removing contamination even with professional equipment.

Dry cleaning of carpets and furniture at home

In terms of the provision of such a service as a dry cleaning of carpets, Miami is no different from other states. Our company, having rich experience in cleaning and highly qualified employees, will willingly take on work of any complexity.

It is important that this is a home dry cleaning of the carpet, and there is no need to deal with the troublesome transportation of property to and from the processing site.

To achieve an excellent result, we use highly effective detergents and cleaners, vacuum nozzles, water vacuum cleaners and other modern equipment. Special devices allow not only to pull out polluting microparticles from the upholstery, but also to raise, restore the original texture of the pile. After the work done, you will forget about invisible pests for a long time, and your upholstered furniture, carpets and mattresses will delight the eye with cleanliness.

Apartment cleang useful tips

Friends do not always consider it necessary to warn of their arrival in advance. Don't let yourself be caught off guard! To do this, remember a few tricks on how to quickly bring a home into a presentable look.

Friends suddenly decided to come to you, and they just had to drive a few blocks, what did they rush to report? Don't panic. Follow these 5 tips on how to create the appearance of cleanliness in your home in the blink of an eye. It is the visibility. After all, full-fledged house cleaning in such a short time is impossible.

Tidy up the TV, countertops and bathroom.

Why TV? Because it is the center of most living rooms. Layers of dust and scattered DVD boxes will grab attention, even if you just sit and talk. It is unnecessary to explain the importance of cleanliness of the toilet, bathroom and countertops.

Hide wisely

Each of us at least once found ourselves in such a situation when guests came suddenly and scattered things were urgently pushed into the basket and hid in the bedroom or closet. By making this emergency measure more effective, then you can easily find your things. Just place items from only one room in each box or basket. That way, when the company is gone, it won't be difficult to put everything in its place.

Remember wool

Even if the whole house sparkles with cleanliness, dog or cat hair on the sofa will definitely ruin the experience. Always have a rubber glove and upholstery cleaner handy to get rid of the fur in a few strokes. Or, get a special sofa bedspread for your pet, and remove it before guests arrive.

Make dirty dishes disappear

To do this, put it in the oven. A pile of dishes in the sink is unlikely to have a good effect on guests. It is better to hide the cups and plates in the oven for a while, using baking paper. And when friends are gone, calmly wash them. Most importantly, do not forget to remove everything from the oven before turning on the oven! An alternative is a dishwasher. You can remove dirty dishes from sight and wash them immediately.

Dedicate five minutes to vigorously cleaning your home daily

Of course, this is not about getting ready all week for the arrival of dear visitors. But think about how good the house cleaning will be five minutes before they arrive? A few blocks is not many. Even taking into account parking, it will take about five minutes to get up to your floor. Wouldn't it be better to imagine every day that your friends are about to come, and clean up in an emergency mode within a few minutes? Thus, your home will always be ready to receive guests.

House cleaning - helpful tips

The woman is the keeper of the home. In the modern world, this stereotype is increasingly being questioned and criticized. Most business women simply hire an au pair. But there are also those who, due to their financial condition or simply on their own motivation, continue to preserve the comfort of home. But it does not follow from this that for daily worries, a woman should forget about her beloved. If you wish, you can always find effective and useful advice that can help you with household chores.

Most people associate cleaning with routine, fatigue and hard work. But in reality, there are some simple tips for cleaning an apartment or house, which will improve and facilitate the process of putting things in order and cleanliness in the house, and most importantly, change your inner attitude to the cleaning process.

The main reason for a negative attitude towards cleaning an apartment is incorrect intrinsic motivation or a complete lack of motivation. Often, only one person does most of the cleaning work, but the whole family creates a mess in the apartment. In addition, no matter how much time was spent on putting everything in order, the next day the landlady of the apartment will find a new front of work for cleaning, because the mess is created as if by itself, but order must be carefully restored, only by making considerable efforts of her own and work.

Let's try to figure out how to properly clean an apartment or house, what are the rules for cleaning rooms, and most importantly, how to make cleaning an apartment pleasant, easy and not burdensome.

It is impossible to achieve sterile cleanliness in a house where several household members live who use the toilet, bathroom, kitchen. Especially if you have a child or several children. However, if you make it a habit to do cleaning regularly, without creating backbreaking labor out of cleaning once a month or quarter, and if you teach the whole family to clean up after yourself, it will become much easier to achieve cleanliness and comfort in the house.

It is very effective to clean where it is already clean. For example, cleaning the kitchen that was cleaned (cleaning the sink, washing the stove, wiping the tiles) two or three days ago will take much less time than cleaning the kitchen, the stove, sink and tiles of which were cleaned a month ago.

Three types of cleaning
Urgent clean-up prevents small, easily fixable clutter from becoming a major problem. For example, after cooking dinner, a few greasy spots remain on the stove. They are barely noticeable and do not bother anyone at all. However, if you immediately wipe them off with a sponge, the stove will remain clean, and if you ignore the dirty stove every day, a multi-layered burnt crust will form, which will require a large amount of cleaning agents and hours of general cleaning.

With the urgent cleaning, you immediately get rid of flowing dirt. If this is not done, it will accumulate over time and, at best, interfere with your life, and at worst, it will accustom you to the surrounding disorder so much that you and your household will consider this disorder quite normal and natural.

Ongoing events are held regularly in time, but do not need to be held daily. You can schedule them. For example, cleaning the kitchen sink once a week (by setting your own day for this), and washing the curtains twice a year. You can arrange everything in the form of a printed plan or just make it a habit - like washing dishes right after a meal.

You carry out forced cleaning after prolonged neglect of order and cleanliness. For example, “defrosting” and washing the refrigerator, when there is so much dirt and ice in it that it has stopped freezing. Forced cleaning can be avoided by regularly doing urgent or routine cleaning . However, forced cleaning cannot be avoided after an "accident" of any scale - from a cat's puddle on your favorite carpet to a clogged sewer pipe.

The big danger of forced cleaning is the possible damage to property. When a mild cleaning agent cannot handle stubborn and stubborn dirt, a stronger cleaning agent, and possibly an abrasive one, must be used. As a result, you run the risk of causing more damage and harm to the surface being cleaned than the dirt itself did.

There are some simple tips for cleaning an apartment or house that will make your housework much easier and easier.

To facilitate household work and keep the apartment clean and tidy, the proper organization of the cleaning process is essential. There are several possible cleaning options. Most often, the following cleaning scheme is used - this is the main cleaning of the room once a week, intermediate, dry and wet cleaning during the week, and the general cleaning of the apartment once a month. The disadvantage of such an apartment cleaning system is that every time it takes a longer period of time and effort to clean your premises, as well as between the main and intermediate cleaning, disorder appears and dirt has time to accumulate.

Another option for cleaning the territory involves daily cleaning of certain areas of the house or apartment, and weekly general cleaning of the premises . To do this, it is required to divide all rooms into zones, and daily clean and tidy only one specific zone, and devote no more than 15 minutes a day to cleaning. This is a fairly effective and simple way to keep an apartment tidy and clean, especially if you throw away unnecessary things that accumulate dirt and dust during cleaning. The negative side of such an apartment cleaning system is an increase in the consumption of detergents and cleaning agents, but it saves time and effort.

All things and objects that you have in your home should be placed in the designated places for them . For each new thing that appears in the house, you should choose a place and familiarize all household members. All family members should get used to the fact that after using any thing, it should be put or put in its designated place, and at least once a day, put everything in place.

A quick cleaning of an apartment is when you put everything in place , it must be done every day. It is convenient to do this in the morning: clean up the bedroom, make the bed, put books on the shelves, along the way, finding an object that is not in the designated place - take it there, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, dirty dishes - in the dishwasher or sink ... Remember to ventilate the room. These actions on your part will take a few minutes - but order will reign in your house, and your mood will improve.

In order to free up your personal time and not get tired of the daily routine, do the cleaning, which is called routine. Divide one large cleaning, which is done once a week, into small "portions." Do some of the cleaning work every day. Make a list of things to do during the week. Divide things over six days (take one day off a week). For example, it is necessary to wash in the bathroom and toilet at least twice a week, it is better to wipe the dust in living rooms every other day, and to wipe the floors in the kitchen with the same frequency. Stove and sink - as it gets dirty, but clean at least once a week.

After distributing current tasks by days of the week, make a schedule according to which you will do the cleaning. First, "peep" in the routine, and then get involved and remember when and what to do. For example, Monday is devoted to dusting and vacuuming the carpet and bedroom floor, cleaning the bathtub, washing the floor in the hallway. On Tuesday, according to the schedule of the nursery, the floor in the kitchen and cleaning the toilet. Thus, every day cleaning will take about 15-20 minutes.

What is not included in your weekly schedule , put on a separate list, which you call "big chores around the house." For example, in the kitchen it is necessary to clean windows, doors, refrigerator outside and inside, household appliances, tiles, work surfaces, cabinets inside and outside, etc. Also make a list of works for all other rooms and premises of the house. In the same way as the current affairs, distribute "big" according to the days of the week.

Involve the whole family in cleaning . If only one person is concerned about cleanliness and order in the house, what conclusion do all the other household members draw from this? That you can breed dirt - sooner or later someone will still clean up the mess. Make pointing and maintaining cleanliness a universal responsibility. Teach each family member to take pride in their participation in keeping things clean and tidy.

One of the ways to do this is to instruct children from a very early age with concrete, gradually more complicated household chores. But be careful and do not forget that children will readily help you, but only if they are interested. This is where you should learn from your children, because by turning even the most routine work into an entertaining game, you can make cleaning a real holiday. But to force and coerce to work is not worth it, otherwise the work will be done carelessly, and nothing will remain of a positive mood.

Before doing dry and wet cleaning , you need to put things in order and put all things in their places. Then the subsequent cleaning steps will take much less time.

Know how to clean different things. Find out what materials your carpets, clothes, curtains, household appliances, furniture are from. The more you know about this, the easier it is to remove dirt. When buying a new item, learn how to clean it.

Keep your apartment clean and tidy at the same time . Order means clothes on hangers, a table not littered with anything, books on the shelves, dishes in the closet. Cleanliness means no dust on floors and furniture, polished shoes, tidy stoves and plumbing fixtures, and stains on walls and doors.

While a good host usually keeps track of both, things may simply not get through. The house can be neat but dirty or vice versa - clean and cluttered. You can put things in order and cleanliness separately, but it is certainly easier to deal with dirt when everything around is neatly tidied up and everything is in place.

Make a daily cleanliness plan and stick to it. Perhaps this is the most important thing if you want everything around to please the eye with impeccable order. Include in the plan, for example, the following items: take out the trash after breakfast, clean up the bed in the morning (teach this to the children), take off your shoes in the hallway, immediately sort the mail received (put bills, newspapers, etc. on your shelves, etc.), wipe your feet in front of the door, wash the dishes immediately after eating. By automatically performing these normal duties, you will minimize the time you spend keeping your home clean and tidy.

Don't be discouraged when confronted with clutter and dirt , but better imagine cleanliness and order after effective cleaning. These visuals are a powerful tool for "pure thinking." “Comparing before and after pictures is very good motivation,” says professional organizer Harriet Schechter. When you are in the “before” stage, imagine what will happen “after” - let it inspire you to clean the apartment.

Practice. Find a dirty and cluttered place in the house. Imagine how it will look after cleaning. Boost your imagination by tidying up a small area - just to get a feel for how effective and enjoyable it is. For example, from a table littered with rubbish, rake everything into one box (then sort it out). Now dust it off, wash it if necessary, and enjoy the new sensation: how much neater and cleaner it has become.

Choose the most appropriate tips for general apartment cleaning, sofas, carpets, and other surfaces. Recommendations can be rewritten or printed so that they are at hand when needed. Then, during cleaning, you do not have to waste time looking for the necessary information.

Dry and wet cleaning according to the rules involves cleaning all surfaces from dust in such a way that dirt is removed forever, and not moved from one surface to another. You need to start with dry cleaning. Dust should be wiped off with a damp cloth, but if it is undesirable for any surface to allow contact with water, then the dust is removed the same way before wet cleaning. Wet cleaning at home is necessary not only to cleanse the space from dirt, but also to humidify the air.

The basic rule of general cleaning of a house consisting of several floors is a strict sequence of cleaning the premises. You need to start cleaning from the upper floors and only then you need to move on to the lower floors.

It is necessary to make it a rule to remove all contamination immediately . Firstly, it will save you energy during general cleaning, and secondly, it will remove a fresh stain or dirt much easier immediately than after a week, and even more so a month.

The rules for general cleaning of the apartment also primarily imply a certain sequence. First of all, the ceiling and the highest surfaces are swept, windows and chandeliers are washed, cabinets and shelves are freed and wiped, the sofa cover is cleaned. When all surfaces are free of dust and dirt, you can remove debris from the floor and wash the coverings. At the end of the general cleaning, it is recommended to rub the floors with a special product suitable for the floor covering.

Having learned how to create a favorable atmosphere and having chosen the apartment cleaning system that suits you, you can begin to master the technical rules of cleaning.

There are many useful tips for improving the quality of cleaning and keeping your home or apartment clean and tidy. But the main thing in housekeeping is the ability to be creative with both problems and tasks. Then the house will always be clean, orderly and a pleasant atmosphere.

How to teach a child to order and cleanliness

When a little child begins to scatter cars and dolls, to make a mess in the room, parents ask themselves this question. Lack of cleanliness leads to serious family scandals, after which mutual understanding and even trust is broken. Children do not listen to prohibitions, they often do exactly the opposite of parental orders. To insist, to threaten is pointless, it will cause negative emotions.

How to generate interest in cleanliness, develop the habit of cleaning?

Stages of teaching children order
Children do not understand the importance of daily maintenance and cleaning of the apartment , especially if dad cannot explain why they should not throw toys around . Do not get down to business if the child does not want to participate, help. Everything happens gradually, but there are some stages - where to start and where to go.

stages of teaching children order

The first is to be aware
Show why you need to put things in the dresser, make the bed. Theoretical explanations are not enough, they are poorly understood. Illustrative examples will help you to understand the essence. Show that the T-shirt lying on the floor is dirty and wrinkled, it is not nice to wear it. It is uncomfortable to lie or sit on an unmade bed.

The second is to plan
Plan your day to fit your cleanliness schedule. For example, get up early in the morning, make your bed, clean up your clothes after sleep, water a houseplant. After school, kindergarten - put toys, books in place, dust off the table.

It is important that the kid does it himself. Teach you how to put shirts in a locker, put a stool to reach the shelves. Show how to water a flower, where to get a watering can. A child has less strength and skills than an adult. When introducing the habits, adapt to the age. Learns to clean up - yes, but the baby does not vacuum himself. But he will put the dishes in the sink for sure.

The third is the right mood
Don't talk a lot about making life easier. Information is served playing, not overloading with statements, teachings. Remain optimistic and encouraging - looking at mom, the child will gradually understand that cleaning is fun, not difficult and interesting.

Fourth - action
They act after realizing the need and without a bad mood. The work is built into the schedule, tied to the event - mom will return home, it's time to have supper and sleep. For example, woke up - made the bed, came from the street - wipe your shoes. Skills arise from the regularity of the "rituals" being performed daily.

First, it will water the flower as a reminder, later - for a specific event. When the habit is formed, it will do without reminders, discontent. As motivation, they give a reward - a sweetness, a little thing. They compose a calendar-diary, with writing tasks for today and crossing out the past days with a pencil.

During the game
Playful things are done better - interesting, uncomplicated and fun. Develop a quest - divide what is happening into stages, for the completion of each - encouragement or accrual of points with subsequent accumulation. A sufficient number of glasses after a few days, weeks are exchanged for special goodies, they buy a toy.

Tips to help make parenting easier
how to simplify parenting

do not indulge in whims, harm. Broke a thing, do not shout - explain the seriousness of the error, suggest correcting the situation by cleaning, behavior;
after the conflict, do not stay away - show love, tenderness. The child should not feel dislike, consider his parents as enemies. The golden mean is to make it clear that you are wrong, but without the counter negative;
do not scold, do not punish without asking the reasons. The vase is broken - ask why it happened, what was the reason. Don't punish or blame - it will cause aggression.
An interested child will clean up regularly if there is interest and skills. Shouting and forcing is the path to reflex. During deliberate work on habits, logical thinking, self-awareness, and social skills are revealed. Learning is facilitated by the atmosphere in the family and a vivid example, which can be the professionals of the Maid Svc cleaning services in Miami Beach company. We offer services for daily and pre-holiday clutter elimination at the highest level by specialized teams.

Order: let's get out

House cleaning, keeping it clean is the responsibility of every family member. If a person is surrounded by chaos, if the hostess is not able to maintain cleanliness even in her own apartment, this indicates a character and a disordered life. But sometimes the following factors stop you: lack of time, fatigue, bouts of laziness. Consider how to keep your home clean without getting discouraged.

The right motivation

Sometimes you just need to push yourself, start cleaning, and develop good habits. Motivate yourself!

Imagine relaxing in a clean, fresh and organized home, where every thing has found its place. No dust, dirty clothes and dishes, crumbs on the floor.
Come up with a reward when you're done cleaning. For example, tea with sweets and watching your favorite TV series, a hot bubble bath, a family walk in the park.

Remember that you are setting an example for children. It is impossible to accustom yourself to cleanliness if you yourself do not adhere to the rules. Organize joint cleaning of the apartment , arrange fun competitions. Introduce the child from an early age.
The house is the master's reflection. Design ideas are left behind when the apartment is dirty and cluttered. And it's not just about receiving guests. Scientists have found that a clean and well-groomed house affects the mood of the household and maintains a positive emotional background.
Think of cleaning as regular exercise. Washing windows , rearranging things, removing dust and other procedures use most of a person's muscle mass. Plus, daily exercise controls your weight.
Stains, dirty furniture, and unclean carpets are breeding grounds for pathogens, mites, parasites and viruses. Insects get on the skin, causing allergies, microbes in the respiratory tract, undermining the immune system. Imagine the danger children are in.
Developing the right habits
The main reason busy people call an uncleaned house is the lack of time. Indeed, after returning from work, I don't want to think about cleaning. Western housewives solved the problem with a fly lady system based on several principles.

  1. Do the cleaning daily, but no more than 15 minutes. Pick one room for today and one action - for example, dust off, mop the floors and vacuum, throw out the accumulated debris. In the future, daily cleaning will become commonplace.

  2. Do not try to be in time everywhere - act within the agreed time frame. So you will not get tired, but the house will gradually change.

  3. Return the taken things to their place, and do not throw them around the apartment.

  4. Start a basket for dirty clothes if not available. Put stale things there right away, do not drag out the wash.

  5. Wash the dishes after each meal; wipe the stove immediately after cooking.

  6. Wipe the spot you noticed, do not put it off for later when it dries up or eats into the surface.

  7. Get rid of old junk, throw out the garbage in time, do not accumulate candy wrappers or paper on the desktop. Conduct a monthly audit.

The technique is simple, but it works from two sides: it reduces the number of sources polluting the apartment and develops a useful habit of regular cleaning. The main thing is not to be lazy.

Grandma's recipe for clean windows


The hostess has vinegar in every house. Vinegar has a peculiar smell. It cannot be confused with other liquids. This liquid is synthetic and natural. Natural vinegar is more used as a seasoning, while synthetic vinegar is good for washing windows and cleaning an apartment. For this purpose, 9% vinegar is suitable. You need to take one liter of warm water and dilute two tablespoons of vinegar in it. All dirt and greasy stains on the glass are well washed. With a fairly frequent use of vinegar, the effect of repelling dust is triggered. Flies and mosquitoes do not land on vinegar-treated glass.


You need to have the knack to handle ammonia safely. Do not inhale vapors of this substance. It is better to send children and animals for a walk. Ventilate the room. When preparing a solution, you must strictly observe the ratio of substances. For one liter of water, you need to take five milliliters of ammonia. Everything mixes neatly. It is best to clean windows in cloudy weather. On a hot and sunny day, stains form on the windows, which are difficult to get rid of later.


Glycerin is a very good window protector from dust and the smallest scratches, from freezing and fogging. It creates the thinnest protective coating on glass. For this, one hundred grams of water, twenty grams of glycerin and five drops of ammonia are mixed. Windows are easy to clean with this solution, they shine clean for a long time.

Glycerin is a very good window protector from dust and the smallest scratches, from freezing and fogging. It creates the thinnest protective coating on glass. For this, one hundred grams of water, twenty grams of glycerin and five drops of ammonia are mixed. Windows are easy to clean with this solution, they shine clean for a long time.

Cleaning services can be ordered from professionals. It will be more expensive, but you will save time and effort. Contact a specialized apartment cleaning company and a specially trained cleaner will clean and tidy up.

Washing windows and balconies

Windows are one of the key elements of the exterior of an office building, so it is important to keep them clean with the utmost care and awe. Glittering windows not only look rich and aesthetically pleasing, which is a must in the case of shop windows, but also bring a significant amount of comfort to any living space. Washing windows in apartments is classified as a dangerous type of work, therefore, from the service personnel, not only experience and practice are required, but also special devices and equipment. For the cleaning service "Flat Rate Maids" washing windows is a standard procedure, which means cleaning window bars, mosquito nets, and cladding.

Why is it better to entrust window cleaning to professionals


Very often, self-cleaning of windows does not lead to excellent results. There is a high probability of cloudy stains appearing at different viewing angles. Achieving perfect cleanliness will take a long and
hard practice and the use of expensive chemicals.

Our cleaning service uses only professional, hypoallergenic chemicals for cleaning windows, which do not leave streaks and other marks, and also does not have a negative effect on both the glass surface and the health of people in the room.

Qualified specialists do their work as efficiently and quickly as possible - the process of washing windows, with an organized approach, takes very little time and does not interfere with the work of
office employees at all.

How often should windows be washed

The frequency with which it is necessary to wash the windows will depend directly on the location of the house and the glazing design itself. The dust that regularly settles on the frames accumulates in the corners and creates an unattractive and unkempt look that often repels visitors as is the case with commercial real estate. Some premises require these services no more than once every six months, while others will not be enough even once a quarter.

What cleaning products to use after renovation?

For many people, the word "repair" evokes negative associations - large expenses, a lot of problems and hassle with capital cleaning of housing after the completion of the repair . Cleaning is quite possible to make it easier and faster if you use special equipment specially designed for this purpose. If you approach the problem wisely, then instead of washing the floor from dirt 3-4 times, you can handle it at once.

Today the choice of cleaning and detergents is very wide. In specialized stores you can buy:

Chemicals for removing traces of whitewash from all surfaces.
A wide range of cleaners for tiles and any plumbing fixtures.
Means for cleaning tiles from grout
Chemicals for removing old adhesive tape and stickers
Polishes for all types of wood surfaces, incl. laminate and parquet.
A separate issue is the fight against fine dust, which remains, for example, after grinding the seams between drywall sheets. Such dust is ubiquitous and very difficult to clean. An ordinary vacuum cleaner will not work - it will not filter out fine dust and can simply break down. The way out of this situation is to rent a professional construction vacuum cleaner. Such a device effectively handles both fine dust and larger construction waste.

When tidying up your bathroom or kitchen, you can use universal cleaning solutions that remove different types of dirt.

What do you need to clean your home after renovation? Some helpful tips
So, before starting cleaning, you should prepare:

Garbage bags (many).
Thinner or white spirit.
Professional construction vacuum cleaner (available for rent).
Chemicals: for cleaning floors, glass, wooden surfaces, plumbing.
Soft rags.
Mop, buckets.
Overalls, rubber gloves are required.
A lot of time, nerves and effort.
To prevent cleaning from becoming a real test of your nerves, you need to know a few secrets:

Do not start wet cleaning before all the dust has been collected by the vacuum cleaner - streaks will remain.
Scotch marks can be removed with nail polish remover or glass cleaner.

Limescale removes well any solution containing acid, such as vinegar. In turn, ordinary soda neutralizes the acid.
First of all, you need to remove the remains of polyurethane foam. Foam is notorious for sticking tightly to any surface. This applies to adhesive mortars and grouting joints between tiles - remove residues immediately.
A concentrated soap solution can help remove greasy stains.
Assistance in house cleaning after renovation
As is clear from the above, cleaning after renovation is a rather exhausting occupation. It is very difficult for one person to cope with such work. At least three assistants are required who must know the cleaning technology well. Therefore, if funds allow, it is better to contact specialists. There are many offers on the market today, but there are few real professionals. By contacting the specialists of the house cleaning company in Miami, you will receive:

Professional cleaning at a price that suits you.
Responsible approach.
Careful and respectful attitude towards furniture and property of the customer.
We can handle cleaning of any type and level of complexity. Our company also provides the following services:

Washing windows and shop windows (departure).
Dry cleaning.
The pricing policy of the Miami maid is as transparent as possible - we reasonably justify the cost of our services and never change the price after it has been agreed with the client.

You can get a free consultation of the manager by filling out the form in the "contacts" section. We will call you back and answer all your questions.

What is the Difference Between Normal and Professional Cleaning

Unfortunately, some people are rather skeptical about cleaning services, believing that they will be able to independently clean a house or apartment, thus saving money. But this is not the case. The specialists of the Koroli company explain the difference between self-cleaning and cleaning from professionals.

Safety regulations

This is a must for all employees of our company. When doing express cleaning or cleaning a house after renovation, they use special clothing to protect their skin and respiratory organs from the effects of chemicals. Sometimes safety equipment is required if, for example, a window cleaning is ordered in a high-rise building.

Rational organization of work

The competent organization of the current or general cleaning of the apartment is, first of all, a clear sequence of working operations, worked out to automatism. There are several rules that help our employees to clean efficiently and with minimal time expenditures. For example, to wet a rag, you can use a spray bottle attached to your belt.

Specialized equipment

The simplest cleaning tool is a mop. This is a special sponge made of cotton or microfiber. It washes surfaces well without leaving streaks. They use our cleaners and more sophisticated equipment, which allow you to quickly even clean the apartment after renovation.

Foam generator used for cleaning curtains and upholstered furniture. Detergent, applied as a foam, penetrates better between the fibers, removes dirt more effectively and is easier to rinse out.

Drying unit for carpets and floors. The professionals of our company do not leave the surfaces wet.
Floor polisher. Marble, parquet and some linoleum floors look much better after sanding. Its purpose is not cleaning, but giving the surface an additional shine, bringing it to a perfect look.
Steam generator. It is equally suitable for hard surfaces and textiles. Many contaminants are easily removed by steam, especially greasy and hard-to-reach areas.
Sweeping and floor washing machines. For a small apartment, a mechanical unit is sufficient, and for spacious rooms we use powerful models with an electric motor and an operator's seat.

Cleaning with professional products

Current or general cleaning of the house (office, other types of premises ) by specialists is carried out with the help of concentrated expensive means. Even if they are commercially available, working with them requires special skills and experience. In addition, you need to know the area of ​​application of each detergent or cleaning agent. Therefore, it is better to entrust such work to the "pros".

By drawing up a contract with a client, our company assumes legal responsibility for the results of the work performed. Even if something of the property is damaged (the probability of this is negligible), the company will compensate for the damage. If you use an unknown remedy, damaging upholstered or cabinet furniture, there will be no one to blame. Except for myself, of course.

Contact the cleaning services Miami, and all questions related to cleaning will be resolved. Your home or office will literally shine at a relatively low cost.

Reasonable prices , excellent quality and efficiency of order fulfillment - all this belongs to the Maid Svc.
Professional cleaning of premises is carried out one-time or in accordance with a pre-agreed schedule. Services of professionals are convenient and beneficial for people who want to live about cleanliness, forgetting about dirt and dust, which bring inconvenience and discomfort to life.

How to get rid of limescale in the shower

Today many people prefer to install showers in bathrooms. They are more practical than baths - they save water consumption, reduce the time spent on hygiene. However, keeping a shower stall in order is much more difficult than a bath.

What is the difficulty of leaving

The difficulty lies in the fact that different materials are used to manufacture the structure. Walls and doors are made of glass and plastic. The pallet can be acrylic, ceramic, stone. Faucets can be made of chrome steel or aluminum. There are no universal cleaning agents; for each material you need to select its own.

In addition, cleaning is made difficult by the microclimate in the bathroom. Water and constant humidity contribute to the formation of limescale, which is difficult to cope with.

Choice of cleaning agents

It is not necessary to use abrasive products to clean the limescale, they severely scratch the surface. To remove plaque, it is better to use scrapers made of polyurethane or rubber. If you don't have a scraper, you can use a rag or not a hard sponge.

When choosing cleaning agents, compositions containing impurities should be avoided:

formic acid.

Cleansing sprays are the best solution. To obtain the desired effect, the spray must be sprayed over the surface, and then rinsed with water.

Cleaning the walls of the box
The walls of the box are in most cases made of plastic. The material has a porous structure, so plaque forms on it quickly enough. When choosing detergents, do not use substances that contain acids, formaldehydes or solvents.

Pallet cleaning

It is enough to wipe the porcelain stoneware pallet with an artificial stone treatment agent. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth or napkin.

For an acrylic sump, choose a substance that does not contain abrasive elements. Sparing creams and gels can be used to remove limescale deposits without damaging the coating.

The enamelled drip tray does not absorb dirt, making it easy to maintain. A wider range of substances can be used for cleaning.

Cleaning faucets

Chrome steel used in the manufacture of sanitary ware is prone to lime scale and is easily damaged. To process it, you need to select products that do not contain abrasives. Aluminum mixers also require gentle processing.

How to avoid limescale build-up

It is quite obvious that small contamination is easier to eliminate than stubborn plaque. Proper care of the shower stall will prevent its formation.

To maintain cleanliness, you must:

wipe off excess moisture after each shower;
treat the shower cabin with special means weekly;
monthly clean the plumbing fixtures from dirt, cleaning hard-to-reach places with a brush or bristly washcloth.

Only regular maintenance can keep it clean. If you do not have time to clean, contact the Maid Svc. cleaning company for help .

Benefits of working with a cleaning company
Contacting highly specialized specialists will save you time, money and achieve a more effective result.

Employees of the Maid Svc housekeeping company underwent special training, which allowed them to fully master all the necessary skills and abilities. Using the right detergents will preserve the beauty of your bathroom fixtures and quickly achieve your desired result.