14 easy things to do to make your home look cleaner

There is not a single person who does not want to always return to a clean and comfortable home. But, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. A few simple things will help you with this.

Preference for light colors

It is best to have a lot of free space and light colors. Everyone knows that they visually enlarge the space and influence the order. An excellent choice would be decoration and furniture in light colors, as well as design moments: curtains, carpets, bedding. The room will be much cleaner if it is decorated in a light style.

Angles and straight lines

Based on the results of surveys, it was revealed that such lines are associated with cleanliness and order. It is also a good option to clean up the mess without any effort. Furniture with appropriate lines and angles is preferred. Its location should be the same, not forgetting about linearity. This gives first of all order, as well as sophistication and modesty.

Things are neatly stacked

Likewise, the feeling of a mess to the room is given by things scattered throughout the apartment. To avoid this, you just need to carefully fold things and put them in the closet. It won't take much time, the main thing is not to be lazy.


It is necessary to get rid of unnecessary items. If you carefully examine the room, you will notice that it is cluttered with unnecessary things that no one needs. It's a good idea to collect them and put them away, or even better to throw them away altogether.

Fold the pillows

Pillows that are not folded will ruin the whole picture of cleaning, even if the dust is wiped off, the floors are washed, the chandeliers are cleaned, things are removed. The effect will be better if the bedspreads are spread and the pillows are nicely arranged. They even give a not very clean room cleanliness.

The shoes are fine

The best idea is to purchase a shoe rack. It is also possible to simply find a good place to store your shoes. Both will help to make your home cleaner and tidier. No one will like the shoes scattered all over the hallway.

Hide things

The most effective old method. Collect all the scattered things and hide them in a place hidden from view.

Make the bed

An unmade bed always makes a negative impression. In order not to spoil the mood with an untidy bed, you need to spend just a couple of minutes in the morning and bring the bed into proper form.

A place for things

It would seem that there is no need to talk about it, but after examining the room, it is obvious that a large number of objects are not in their places, lying everywhere. Children's toys, a coffee mug, newspapers, clothes, plates - all this should be in its place. Here's another point to help with ordering the house.

Natural flowers

The room is refreshed, it becomes more beautiful and cozier thanks to living plants in pots or vases. It is important to choose plants so that they fit into the decor, then everything will look harmonious. In addition, the plants will oxygenate the room!


Without washing the dishes in the sink, on the table, on the stove, it creates the strongest sense of disorder in the apartment. It is worth learning how to wash the dishes immediately after eating, or at least put them in the dishwasher. That she was out of sight.


As with the lines, neatly folded towels in the bathroom and small kitchen towels add a sense of cleanliness.

Application of trays

Buying trays is a great investment. With them, you can easily and easily carry things and sort them. It is not very pleasant to look at heaps of scattered things, food and utensils. On several trays, it is possible to somehow group things. At the same time, it looks neat and stylish.


Each person regularly scatters receipts, cards, business cards, papers all over the house: on the table, on the nightstand, on the shelves, on the refrigerator. You need to think about a suitable place for the papers. The house will become clean and tidy.

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