Cleaning Healing is an Effective Way to Open Up

An indisputable fact, proven by experts: all objects that surround us have a huge impact on our internal state. A favorable atmosphere in the house is based primarily on cleanliness and order: excess trash fills, including our living space, making it difficult to think clearly, create, and dream. Getting rid of the unnecessary, a person lets new energy into his life.

Important Steps in Organizing Your Life

The first and perhaps the most important step on the path of healing and getting rid of unnecessary things will be visualization. It is impossible to organize the space in the house if you do not draw it mentally or on paper. Thus, signals are sent to the brain about the readiness of the person himself to create comfortable conditions for his life. The mood in cleaning is of tremendous importance: someone loves silence, and someone disassembles everything to music - the main thing is that it inspires and prompts you to action.

Unfortunately, many, seeing a huge pile of things, get lost and abandon cleaning (or simply shift from place to place). The main thing is not to panic and resolutely get down to business. Sorting doesn't take long if you throw out the excess right away. Very often things are left just in case - an erroneous idea imposed on us by past attitudes. If a thing does not bring joy today, you need to get rid of it.

Each thing should be in its place: a person himself lets chaos into his life, shifting everything from corner to corner. A very simple and effective way of sorting is to sort into categories and then find a place for each of them. For example, store cleaning products in the bathroom and toilet, put jewelry and cosmetics on the table in the room, distribute shoes in boxes and put them in the hallway.

Sweatshirts, trousers, dresses, T-shirts, folded as necessary, create a mess, which means they create a feeling of chaos in life. You can clean up your closet with the help of an effective method: put all things in one pattern. This will be difficult at first, but it will become a habit over time.

To let new energy, man, work, etc. into your world, you need to get rid of the past. It is very difficult to part with this or that thing that warms the soul. However, psychologists unanimously say: only getting rid of the old will help to free up living space for the future. It is useful to just throw out a thing that reminds of another person and open up to a new, more interesting one.

These things are not needed

  1. Branded bags and bags (often not used, but simply accumulate)

2.set aside for a special occasion or clothes that are not in size (collecting dust in the closet, since they are never put on)

3.old magazines

  1. cosmetics that have expired or that did not fit by color and texture (takes up space in the cosmetic bag, including samplers)

  2. notebooks, diaries, notes (it is unlikely to be useful in a new life)

  3. old phones, wires, chargers (figure out which device is this or other cable, it can be very difficult)

  4. hangers from dry cleaning (you need to throw them out immediately).

Cleanliness and order in the house, awareness of the need for each individual thing, neatly folded clothes and household items are the key to comfort and inner harmony of a person.

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