How to get rid of limescale in the shower

Today many people prefer to install showers in bathrooms. They are more practical than baths - they save water consumption, reduce the time spent on hygiene. However, keeping a shower stall in order is much more difficult than a bath.

What is the difficulty of leaving

The difficulty lies in the fact that different materials are used to manufacture the structure. Walls and doors are made of glass and plastic. The pallet can be acrylic, ceramic, stone. Faucets can be made of chrome steel or aluminum. There are no universal cleaning agents; for each material you need to select its own.

In addition, cleaning is made difficult by the microclimate in the bathroom. Water and constant humidity contribute to the formation of limescale, which is difficult to cope with.

Choice of cleaning agents

It is not necessary to use abrasive products to clean the limescale, they severely scratch the surface. To remove plaque, it is better to use scrapers made of polyurethane or rubber. If you don't have a scraper, you can use a rag or not a hard sponge.

When choosing cleaning agents, compositions containing impurities should be avoided:

formic acid.

Cleansing sprays are the best solution. To obtain the desired effect, the spray must be sprayed over the surface, and then rinsed with water.

Cleaning the walls of the box
The walls of the box are in most cases made of plastic. The material has a porous structure, so plaque forms on it quickly enough. When choosing detergents, do not use substances that contain acids, formaldehydes or solvents.

Pallet cleaning

It is enough to wipe the porcelain stoneware pallet with an artificial stone treatment agent. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth or napkin.

For an acrylic sump, choose a substance that does not contain abrasive elements. Sparing creams and gels can be used to remove limescale deposits without damaging the coating.

The enamelled drip tray does not absorb dirt, making it easy to maintain. A wider range of substances can be used for cleaning.

Cleaning faucets

Chrome steel used in the manufacture of sanitary ware is prone to lime scale and is easily damaged. To process it, you need to select products that do not contain abrasives. Aluminum mixers also require gentle processing.

How to avoid limescale build-up

It is quite obvious that small contamination is easier to eliminate than stubborn plaque. Proper care of the shower stall will prevent its formation.

To maintain cleanliness, you must:

wipe off excess moisture after each shower;
treat the shower cabin with special means weekly;
monthly clean the plumbing fixtures from dirt, cleaning hard-to-reach places with a brush or bristly washcloth.

Only regular maintenance can keep it clean. If you do not have time to clean, contact the Maid Svc. cleaning company for help .

Benefits of working with a cleaning company
Contacting highly specialized specialists will save you time, money and achieve a more effective result.

Employees of the Maid Svc housekeeping company underwent special training, which allowed them to fully master all the necessary skills and abilities. Using the right detergents will preserve the beauty of your bathroom fixtures and quickly achieve your desired result.

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