Cleaning the apartment for the New Year

During the pre-New Year's bustle, every housewife has too many things to do, which should certainly be redone before the holidays. If choosing New Year's outfits for all family members, purchasing gifts, making a menu, decorating a house are pre-holiday chores that require independent execution, then cleaning the apartment can be entrusted to specialists of a cleaning company. Residents of Miami are increasingly ordering this service from the Maid Svc cleaning services .

New Year's Eve cleaning: how to organize
The festive mood will not be overshadowed by domestic chaos if you start preparing for the New Year holidays in advance.

  • First, draw up a detailed action plan.

  • Secondly, stock up on the necessary equipment, suitable detergents.

  • Thirdly, to distribute responsibilities between family members. For example, a grown-up child may well clean a nursery, a husband can clean carpets, and a bathroom.

  • Fourth, think over what new interior details will help to refresh and decorate the room. Even a minor renovation of the apartment will create a joyful holiday mood.

Fifth, putting things in order is a laborious process, so it should be done in a good mood.

So, so that the pre-holiday cleaning does not become endless and end before the New Year comes, it is necessary to draw up a calendar, strictly adhere to the plan. For example, a daily cleaning schedule might look like this:

Wash windows, wash curtains.
Light fixtures, mirrors, vertical surfaces.
Living room.
Bathroom and hallway.

Step-by-step instructions should also be developed for each room. This will help you quickly cope with the task.

It is necessary to limit the time allotted for cleaning in each room . Otherwise, the process may never end.

Who should be entrusted with cleaning the apartment for the New Year holidays
However, if there is no desire, time, or energy to deal with cleaning, you can delegate the process to professionals. Professional cleaning of apartments is a fairly common service offered by various cleaning companies. True, you should only contact firms that have earned the trust of customers. For example, the Maid Svc Coconut Grove housekeeping company. Our specialists will quickly, efficiently, professionally clean any room of any complexity.

From a large list of cleaning services, it is possible to choose only those that need to be carried out for the holidays. The company's employees develop a detailed cleaning plan, draw up a visit schedule that is convenient for the client. We can order not only New Year's cleaning, but also cleaning after the holidays, visiting guests.

Experienced cleaners know how to get rid of an unpleasant odor in the refrigerator, how to clean mirror surfaces, which detergents are better suited for shining a bathroom, than how to remove stains on upholstered furniture.

Many different people and organizations have used our services. Each of them was pleased with the result. Many become our regular clients, for whom there are various bonus and discount programs. After all , it is a matter of professional honor for all Maid Svc. employees to do their job quickly, efficiently, most importantly, with high quality.

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