What is the difference between post-construction cleaning and general cleaning?

Cleaning after completion of construction or renovation work is laborious and complex, compared to general cleaning . It takes a lot of time and effort to competently perform all work, the use of special cleaning equipment, tools and high-quality detergents. Below are the features of post-construction cleaning, typical for all types of buildings.

Main steps

Cleaning after repair includes a set of mandatory works:

Removal of large construction waste. It is forbidden to dispose of bulky construction waste in ordinary containers for solid household waste. It must be transported to landfills located outside the city. When collecting waste, it is necessary to observe safety precautions, since there are often cutting or piercing elements among the waste.

Removal of small construction waste.

Removal of construction dust. Special equipment is used to clean all surfaces from dust.
Elimination of specific local contaminants (traces of paint, varnish, polyurethane foam, glue, putty, grout, etc.).
Washing windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, floors, pipes, radiators and other surfaces.
Treatment of premises (disinfection, disinsection), if necessary.

Final cleaning after furniture placement.

One of the most difficult tasks is the removal of construction dust, which accumulates in the premises in a fairly large amount. During general cleaning, dust can be easily removed with an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. In the case of post-construction cleaning, everything is much more complicated, because expensive household appliances are not always able to withstand such a load and may fail. Here it is advisable to use powerful construction vacuum cleaners, which are at the disposal of the cleaning company.

During general cleaning, do not work with spotty dirt in the form of stains from a variety of working compounds. After construction or repair work, there are a lot of such traces, including in hard-to-reach or invisible places. Such contamination can be difficult to remove, and this must be done in such a way as to completely preserve the updated interior. First, it is important to determine which products and accessories are effective in certain situations, as well as which cleaning methods are suitable for treating individual surfaces made of natural wood, plastic, glass and other materials.

Cleaning company Maid Svc offers post-construction cleaning services for apartments, private houses, mansions, summer cottages, offices and other objects in Miami and Coral Gables are. Due to the involvement of the required number of cleaners, all work is carried out in a short time, namely in 6-8 hours. The use of highly specialized equipment, highly efficient professional chemicals, experience and full responsibility for the safety of property - a guarantee of the quality of cleaning after construction.

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