How to do spring cleaning at home yourself? Cleaning sequence.

General cleaning of the apartment must be carried out at least two or three times a year. However, residents of large cities do not always have the opportunity to allocate time for serious cleaning and it is not a fact that everyone will cope with it on their own. You need to wash windows, doors, clean the tiles, do many other difficult things. There is no guarantee that ordinary household products will help to cope with pollution. Cleaning company Maid in Brickell help solve the problem - perform general cleaning quickly and efficiently.

Poor cleaning is dangerous to your health

The dirt accumulated over time must be removed efficiently. Dirt left in hard-to-reach places and invisible to your eye creates favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria, mold, and dangerous dust mites.

Microorganisms can seriously harm your health - provoke the development of allergic reactions and serious infectious diseases. Being in a polluted room significantly reduces performance, disrupts sleep, and reduces immunity.

Basic rules for general cleaning

General cleaning requires adherence to a certain sequence of actions and the implementation of some simple rules. You need to start cleaning with washing the windows, then you can start putting things in order in the kitchen. After that, the bedroom and living room are cleaned. The general cleaning ends with cleaning the bathroom and toilet.

Cleaning the kitchen

It is necessary to start cleaning by cleaning the walls and ceiling from dust. Then you need to tidy up the kitchen cabinets and fixtures. Do not forget about cleaning the sink and flushing the drain. Particularly noteworthy is the wall covering, cleaning agents for it are selected depending on the type of material from which it is made. The process ends with washing the floor and skirting boards.

Cleaning the bedroom

Particular attention must be paid to the sleeping area. The mattress, pillows, blankets should be thoroughly cleaned of dust. In these things, the dust content is quite high. Do not forget to remove the dust accumulated behind bulky furniture. After cleaning the dust from all objects in the room, wash the floor and baseboards.

Putting things in order in the living room

There is a lot of upholstered furniture in the living room , thoroughly vacuum it. If the furniture upholstery is dirty, it must be cleaned using special products.

Be sure to polish the wood pieces of your furniture. Polishing will require the purchase of polishing agents and some effort, but the effect achieved will please you.

Bathroom and toilet

Germs and bacteria like to accumulate here, so keeping the bathroom and toilet clean is much more difficult than in other rooms.

Spend more time cleaning and disinfecting your bathtub, sinks, wall coverings, floors, and any existing drains. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to use chemicals that can accumulate toxic fumes in closed rooms, so be careful with chemistry.

Who should be entrusted with the general cleaning
Entrust the work to the specialists of the house cleaning services miami

wash the windows;
we will clean and refinish the plumbing;
we will polish all surfaces;
we will clean all existing coatings from dirt, stains, complex plaque, and perform any other work.

All employees of the company underwent special training, which allows them to fully master the skills of professional cleaning. The use of special equipment, professional equipment and correctly selected detergents allows you to perform general cleaning quickly and efficiently.

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