Washing windows and balconies

Windows are one of the key elements of the exterior of an office building, so it is important to keep them clean with the utmost care and awe. Glittering windows not only look rich and aesthetically pleasing, which is a must in the case of shop windows, but also bring a significant amount of comfort to any living space. Washing windows in apartments is classified as a dangerous type of work, therefore, from the service personnel, not only experience and practice are required, but also special devices and equipment. For the cleaning service "Flat Rate Maids" washing windows is a standard procedure, which means cleaning window bars, mosquito nets, and cladding.

Why is it better to entrust window cleaning to professionals


Very often, self-cleaning of windows does not lead to excellent results. There is a high probability of cloudy stains appearing at different viewing angles. Achieving perfect cleanliness will take a long and
hard practice and the use of expensive chemicals.

Our cleaning service uses only professional, hypoallergenic chemicals for cleaning windows, which do not leave streaks and other marks, and also does not have a negative effect on both the glass surface and the health of people in the room.

Qualified specialists do their work as efficiently and quickly as possible - the process of washing windows, with an organized approach, takes very little time and does not interfere with the work of
office employees at all.

How often should windows be washed

The frequency with which it is necessary to wash the windows will depend directly on the location of the house and the glazing design itself. The dust that regularly settles on the frames accumulates in the corners and creates an unattractive and unkempt look that often repels visitors as is the case with commercial real estate. Some premises require these services no more than once every six months, while others will not be enough even once a quarter.

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