What cleaning products to use after renovation?

For many people, the word "repair" evokes negative associations - large expenses, a lot of problems and hassle with capital cleaning of housing after the completion of the repair . Cleaning is quite possible to make it easier and faster if you use special equipment specially designed for this purpose. If you approach the problem wisely, then instead of washing the floor from dirt 3-4 times, you can handle it at once.

Today the choice of cleaning and detergents is very wide. In specialized stores you can buy:

Chemicals for removing traces of whitewash from all surfaces.
A wide range of cleaners for tiles and any plumbing fixtures.
Means for cleaning tiles from grout
Chemicals for removing old adhesive tape and stickers
Polishes for all types of wood surfaces, incl. laminate and parquet.
A separate issue is the fight against fine dust, which remains, for example, after grinding the seams between drywall sheets. Such dust is ubiquitous and very difficult to clean. An ordinary vacuum cleaner will not work - it will not filter out fine dust and can simply break down. The way out of this situation is to rent a professional construction vacuum cleaner. Such a device effectively handles both fine dust and larger construction waste.

When tidying up your bathroom or kitchen, you can use universal cleaning solutions that remove different types of dirt.

What do you need to clean your home after renovation? Some helpful tips
So, before starting cleaning, you should prepare:

Garbage bags (many).
Thinner or white spirit.
Professional construction vacuum cleaner (available for rent).
Chemicals: for cleaning floors, glass, wooden surfaces, plumbing.
Soft rags.
Mop, buckets.
Overalls, rubber gloves are required.
A lot of time, nerves and effort.
To prevent cleaning from becoming a real test of your nerves, you need to know a few secrets:

Do not start wet cleaning before all the dust has been collected by the vacuum cleaner - streaks will remain.
Scotch marks can be removed with nail polish remover or glass cleaner.

Limescale removes well any solution containing acid, such as vinegar. In turn, ordinary soda neutralizes the acid.
First of all, you need to remove the remains of polyurethane foam. Foam is notorious for sticking tightly to any surface. This applies to adhesive mortars and grouting joints between tiles - remove residues immediately.
A concentrated soap solution can help remove greasy stains.
Assistance in house cleaning after renovation
As is clear from the above, cleaning after renovation is a rather exhausting occupation. It is very difficult for one person to cope with such work. At least three assistants are required who must know the cleaning technology well. Therefore, if funds allow, it is better to contact specialists. There are many offers on the market today, but there are few real professionals. By contacting the specialists of the house cleaning company in Miami, you will receive:

Professional cleaning at a price that suits you.
Responsible approach.
Careful and respectful attitude towards furniture and property of the customer.
We can handle cleaning of any type and level of complexity. Our company also provides the following services:

Washing windows and shop windows (departure).
Dry cleaning.
The pricing policy of the Miami maid is as transparent as possible - we reasonably justify the cost of our services and never change the price after it has been agreed with the client.

You can get a free consultation of the manager by filling out the form in the "contacts" section. We will call you back and answer all your questions.

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