Apartment cleang useful tips

Friends do not always consider it necessary to warn of their arrival in advance. Don't let yourself be caught off guard! To do this, remember a few tricks on how to quickly bring a home into a presentable look.

Friends suddenly decided to come to you, and they just had to drive a few blocks, what did they rush to report? Don't panic. Follow these 5 tips on how to create the appearance of cleanliness in your home in the blink of an eye. It is the visibility. After all, full-fledged house cleaning in such a short time is impossible.

Tidy up the TV, countertops and bathroom.

Why TV? Because it is the center of most living rooms. Layers of dust and scattered DVD boxes will grab attention, even if you just sit and talk. It is unnecessary to explain the importance of cleanliness of the toilet, bathroom and countertops.

Hide wisely

Each of us at least once found ourselves in such a situation when guests came suddenly and scattered things were urgently pushed into the basket and hid in the bedroom or closet. By making this emergency measure more effective, then you can easily find your things. Just place items from only one room in each box or basket. That way, when the company is gone, it won't be difficult to put everything in its place.

Remember wool

Even if the whole house sparkles with cleanliness, dog or cat hair on the sofa will definitely ruin the experience. Always have a rubber glove and upholstery cleaner handy to get rid of the fur in a few strokes. Or, get a special sofa bedspread for your pet, and remove it before guests arrive.

Make dirty dishes disappear

To do this, put it in the oven. A pile of dishes in the sink is unlikely to have a good effect on guests. It is better to hide the cups and plates in the oven for a while, using baking paper. And when friends are gone, calmly wash them. Most importantly, do not forget to remove everything from the oven before turning on the oven! An alternative is a dishwasher. You can remove dirty dishes from sight and wash them immediately.

Dedicate five minutes to vigorously cleaning your home daily

Of course, this is not about getting ready all week for the arrival of dear visitors. But think about how good the house cleaning will be five minutes before they arrive? A few blocks is not many. Even taking into account parking, it will take about five minutes to get up to your floor. Wouldn't it be better to imagine every day that your friends are about to come, and clean up in an emergency mode within a few minutes? Thus, your home will always be ready to receive guests.

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