New Year, Ambitious Thoughts

One of my new year resolutions, I actually prefer to call them goals, is to write more. I believe that creativity and good ideas are inherent in all of us. We just have to get out enough of the crap in our heads for the good ideas to shine. So, to generate some good ideas, I am going to be writing a lot, to get rid of the layers of rubbish ideas and thoughts in the hopes that good ideas and thoughts will find the air to breathe.

Another reason why I will be writing is to get some good practice in formulating arguments, thoughts and ideas. I am a fairly well-spoken individual, but I haven't been writing since my college days. Writing, like any other skill, needs constant exercise and practice. Applying myself to writing everyday will result in a) a solid record of writing and analysis that I can look back on and reflect; b) a prepared and ready mind to write when the time comes for me to write something truly good, I will have had hopefully years of practice.

So, there it is. I will be using Standard Notes' lovely Listed feature to publish a daily blog, the content of which will be the focus of the next post.

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