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The Uber-Careem News

Uber and Careem are in the headlines for the rumored talks between the two regarding a merger, or an acquisition of Careem’s assets by Uber. That’s quite an interesting piece of news in of itself, and has the potential to change the ride hailing, entrepreneurial and technology ecosystems in the Middle East. I am not as interested in the rumor itself, but I am genuinely curious as to why these two companies would consider a merger or an acquisition, and the implications of said deal, were it to h...
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The Hyper-Specific Startup

The rise of Instabug, CrowdAnalyzer, and other startups solving very specific technology problems, offers an insight into the development of the technology scene in the Middle East. This rise ushers in a new normal in the region: startups rising to provide services and products far beyond the basic needs of people. Only a short few years ago, the startups that received all the hype were startups offering food services like Yummamia or Mumm, or providing delivery of groceries like Goodsmart. W...
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Franklin's Virtues

Having just read a great article on the Business Insider, I feel like I need to speak about my own ambitions in the arena of virtue.The article discusses the 13 virtues that Ben Franklin outlined as the virtues he wanted to work on and improve. I don't have a list of virtues, per se, but I have a list of habits that I would like to develop and maintain. However, after reading the article, I think maybe I should add some true virtues to the mix.Something that I have been wanting to do on a daily ...
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The Corporate Gig

As someone who has had quite a few (and almost too many) interviews lately, I have a few observations about work, corporations, and life that I have to share. Some of this is pure and shameless complaining, and some is just an honest reflection on how far out of touch with reality corporate culture has gone.One of the many themes that come across during interviews is the idea of the superstar. Companies now truly expect everyone walking through the door to be a superstar. You should have figured...
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The Directions of Content

Whatever content this experiment is going to house is a topic that has been on my mind recently. The truth of the matter is, I don't have such deep expertise in one area of work that I could devote an entire blog to. My day job as a Business Analyst does not yet merit its own blog, even though it is rather interesting. This blog, then, will cater to a different need and a higher urge.As many of you, on daily basis, I read a variety of blogs, I encounter concepts and ideas I am familiar with eith...
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On My Nightstand

Every once in a while, I take a look at what I would like to read for the next 2-3 months. I find that timeline much more digestible than yearly lists of reads. I discover new and great books all the time, and having the flexibility to priorities and change the order of books I will read is very important to me.At the start of 2018, I sat down and considered the books that I would like to read during the first months of the year. There are 2 short books that I have already finished, which is gre...
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New Year, Ambitious Thoughts

One of my new year resolutions, I actually prefer to call them goals, is to write more. I believe that creativity and good ideas are inherent in all of us. We just have to get out enough of the crap in our heads for the good ideas to shine. So, to generate some good ideas, I am going to be writing a lot, to get rid of the layers of rubbish ideas and thoughts in the hopes that good ideas and thoughts will find the air to breathe.Another reason why I will be writing is to get some good practice in...
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