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Whatever content this experiment is going to house is a topic that has been on my mind recently. The truth of the matter is, I don't have such deep expertise in one area of work that I could devote an entire blog to. My day job as a Business Analyst does not yet merit its own blog, even though it is rather interesting. This blog, then, will cater to a different need and a higher urge.

As many of you, on daily basis, I read a variety of blogs, I encounter concepts and ideas I am familiar with either through formal education or interest and inquisition. But, as a mere reader, I never consider these ideas in depth, but only in passing. This blog aims to correct and offer a space for me to consider in depth some ideas I find interesting to a 25-year-old (at the time of writing) aspiring successful entrepreneur. I am just starting on a journey to build a solar energy company, and spread the gospel of clean energy in Egypt and the Middle East.

This blog will be a vehicle for me to consider ideas - in business, in life, in morality - that I find compelling and merit discussion. However, this blog will have some overarching themes. One of the themes that you will find common between many of the coming posts, is organization building. I am interested in what would it take to build an organizations that attracts quality caliber, and inspires them to do great work. 

Another theme is that will come across in this blog, the prevalence and role of technology in our lives. It is a well-beaten horse, I know, but in the energy world it still takes a back seat to economics. Further, as a West-educated Middle Eastern, I hopefully have something to add from those two perspectives.

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