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📱 Home sweet home (screen) ...again

I've seen a ton of iOS home screens floating around lately and it's been a few months (and one new phone) since I last shared mine, so I figured it was time to show how much things have changed.

1/ RSS
I switched to Feedbin at the beginning of the year and, since there's no decent app for it, I don't have an RSS app on my phone. Fortunately, Feedbin's web interface is great so I just pop into Chrome whenever I'm catching up on my news. You can add web shortcuts to your home screen, I just really dislike the look of them.

2/ Android Messenger / Facebook Messenger Lite
I'm now cutting back on my usage of Facebook Messenger and using Android's Messenger app for more of my conversations. That said, for the conversations I do have on Facebook Messenger, I've switched out the regular version of the app for the Lite version, which isn't cluttered with features i'll never use.

3/ Dialog
Lastly, I'm using Dialog for my Micro.blog browsing. While the app still lacks some features, such as posting or viewing more information on a post or user, it's more than capable of showing me my timeline and mentions without issue. Hopefully, when other people are showing off their Android home screens in the next couple of months, they'll have Dialog on theirs as well. 😄

I really like seeing how other people, regardless of platform, choose to organize their phones. In a lot of ways, it feels like a reflection of the user, whether we realize it or not. With that in mind, I'd love to see home screen posts from Micro.blog users organized in some way in the future, likely with the emoji tagging.

Jim Cheung joins Scott Snyder for Justice League relaunch

Rich Johnston, writing for Bleeding Cool:

Jim Cheung is the man to go to when revealing new line-ups of comics, it seems. Whether Marvel’s Fresh Starts or Nows – or in this case his new run with Scott Snyder on Justice League, to be relaunched with a new issue 1 to follow Snyder’s Metal and No Justice mini-series. Which is another impressive land grab for DC, pulling Cheung from Marvel’s contracts.

It's a weird feeling, as a longtime Marvel fan, to see all the artists and writers that I've grown to love over their time with the Avengers, Spider-Man, and more suddenly start doing work for DC.

I've always followed the rule that you should follow the creators whose work you enjoy rather than the characters themselves and Jim Cheung has been one of my favourite artists for the last ten or so years with his work on Young Avengers and more.

A Justice League book by Snyder and Cheung sounds like a dream, so... I guess I'm a DC fan now?

Marvel Announces 'The Sentry' From Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto →

I love Sentry and have been waiting for him to get his own book since the original World War Hulk. With Lemire's recent work on Moon Knight in mind, I can't think of a better writer to take this on.

Via Comic Book