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📱 Home sweet home (screen) ...again

I've seen a ton of iOS home screens floating around lately and it's been a few months (and one new phone) since I last shared mine, so I figured it was time to show how much things have changed. 1/ RSS I switched to Feedbin at the beginning of the year and, since there's no decent app for it, I don't have an RSS app on my phone. Fortunately, Feedbin's web interface is great so I just pop into Chrome whenever I'm catching up on my news. You can add web shortcuts to your home screen, I just rea...
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Jim Cheung joins Scott Snyder for Justice League relaunch

Rich Johnston, writing for Bleeding Cool: Jim Cheung is the man to go to when revealing new line-ups of comics, it seems. Whether Marvel’s Fresh Starts or Nows – or in this case his new run with Scott Snyder on Justice League, to be relaunched with a new issue 1 to follow Snyder’s Metal and No Justice mini-series. Which is another impressive land grab for DC, pulling Cheung from Marvel’s contracts. It's a weird feeling, as a longtime Marvel fan, to see all the artists and writers that I've g...
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Marvel Announces 'The Sentry' From Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto →

I love Sentry and have been waiting for him to get his own book since the original World War Hulk. With Lemire's recent work on Moon Knight in mind, I can't think of a better writer to take this on. Via Comic Book ...
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