On The 100 Day Writing Challenge

I was just glancing through Listed.to and came across the 100 Day Writing challenge, encouraging to write and publish each day. Though tempting, I am in two minds. First, it's a real challenge, and then you need to have not just appealing stuff to write about but more importantly, put it effectively than filling in with a MeToo attitude!

One easier way would be to just put-in a one-liner each day starting with "This is my 1st post" and keep counting to 100 without any effort! But that hardly counts as a challenge, like some resorting to ADIEU as the first guess in the Wordle game that safely includes four vowels!

I am keeping the option open till deciding to add #100Days to the bio and clicking Publish Post...
So, after more than an hour's break since I left this halfway, here I am taking the plunge... And since I mentioned Wordle, I guess it qualifies as the next post to start with.

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