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Though it was popular by that time, I first heard of "Wordle" when the news of NYT having bought it was all over. On searching for the link the first result led to Wordle Game and I got hooked to finding the word each day, with its setup allowing to choose from 4 to 11 lettered words! It was only while sharing the link (and sometimes the results) with someone with similar interests, I came to know of the original UK based site, which now redirects to the one on NYT. It was a joy nevertheless to bookmark one more to get engaged for a while daily.

Sometime later I came across a write-up on CNET (Done With Wordle? Here Are 21 Alternative Word Games) that listed a whole lot of similar games that had suddenly sprung up, not just word related but even connected to numbers, country names and such.

To start with (picking a few from what appeals to a normal user) there was Dordle to solve 2 adjacent grids and Quordle with 4-grids, that also has a nice interface. If those sound exciting, the 8-gridded Octordle seemed daunting to solve with reasonably limited tries! But what took the cake was Sedecordle offering a 16-grid challenge!

It's nice when technology offers useful and well-thought out creations than just leeching and sharing user data. I am pretty sure none of the above is news to you, and only putting it up as one for those probably unaware.

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