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There was a time when movies (or motion pictures for the older generation) ruled as the sole medium of entertainment, after taking over theatre to an extent. Radio used to be the chief mode of audio entertainment for the masses (records or vinyl were still expensive) till the cassette players became common enough to afford, later the video tapes for movies, and then came the world of computing with CD and DVD that gave easy access, quickly followed by the affordable Internet with so many possibilities that even on the smartphones can take on.

Talking of movies, each has a way to enjoy. Some see it chiefly for entertainment, as a break from the routine, to get engaged for a while in exotic locales, some for the latest in wardrobe, makeup, hairdos and the works that quickly come into vogue (personally suited or otherwise), a few get into the depth of observing how a scene is shot, noting the director's skill of handling the story, where the camera speaks without the words, the flow of narration, how the music blends, the angles of composition, slick editing that juxtaposes scenes to rise above the mundane situations, and such finer aspects that the mere dialog or action loving don't really bother about; and many, purely for the sake of their favored actors.

Interestingly whether the TRP of television or the records of a movie, the statistics seem to just count the number of people who view, probably assuming each to be an avid fan. I mean unless you analyze viewership with how many really liked, got bored, said OK, or never bother about what they were part of, the results remain a vague figure, always seen in a positive manner.

Not only is film making expensive, time consuming, a gamble, requiring a whole lot of planning and execution, but also needs tying together the many departments to coordinate. Let's not bother of ratings and rantings, so long as everyone enjoyed...

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