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It's interesting how different people react to humor, varying from an uncontrollable laugh that runs to many minutes to a loud "Ho Ho Ho" or "Ha Ha Ha", originating straight from their abdomen, that curiously counts to just three, and suddenly stops like the rain after a cloudburst, as if nothing ever happened. Some have the habit of interjecting "Oh I know this one" no sooner as someone begins to narrate. My elderly friend mentioned a colleague who by nature never laughed. Out of challenge to make his lips curve through all sort of antics, seems the maximum yield was a faint smile. My father had a friend of the same wavelength. Even to the best of jokes his reaction was a standard "Nice, could be used somewhere!".

Comedy these days has turned mainstream on the television, from the stand-up to skits, a weekly affair on many channels. Frankly, humor is serious business if to be effective either just for fun or as satire, as a reflection of society or as a political take-off. Earlier the movies included humor as relief moments that really stayed on mind for long, than the loud, mere slapstick, and often crude with double entendre that we are forced to see. Of course no one forces, it's only with a hope of seeing improvements which never seems to come.

Surely, humor can't be a fountainhead, streaming all the time. You need a break to enjoy and get back to the next than keep laughing, assuming everything getting shown to be funny on the dedicated program. Luckily canned laughter that raised more laughs than what it implied to being funny has disappeared from sitcoms, at least as I know, or is it the live audience that have substituted...

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